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The right plan for you


$0 /month

Essential features
  • Up to $10k MTR
  • All Platforms SDK
  • Server side receipt verification
  • Basic analytical dashboard
  • Performance reports to Slack and Email


$99 /month

All features in Free plan, plus …
  • $20k MTR included
  • Basic A/B tests for subscriptions
  • Webhook, Facebook Analytics, Mixpanel, Amplitude, AppsFlyer integrations
  • Subscribers CRM
  • Advanced analytical dashboard + realtime dashboard
  • Facebook Ads, Email and Push campaign integrations
  • 1 day email support


$459 /month

All features in Analyze plan, plus ...
  • $100k MTR included
  • Advanced A/B tests for subscriptions with visual editor
  • Promo campaigns
  • Premium support in a personal chat
Overages: $5.99 for $1k MTR for Analyze plan or $3.99 for Grow.
Contact us contact@adapty.io for volume discounts and enterprise plans.

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Unlimited apps ❤️

Unlimited users ❤️

MTR Included

AppStore Connect integration




Basic Dashboard

Server Side Receipt verification

A/B tests for paywalls

Advanced Dashboard

Facebook Ads, Mailchimp sync

Profiles & CRM

Webhook, Facebook Analytics, Mixpanel, Amplitude, AppsFlyer Integrations

Users cohorts

Promo campaigns


What is MTR?

MTR is a monthly tracked revenue. It's the amount of revenue tracked by Adapty (in USD, and before the platform cut) during a one month billing period. This includes paid subscriptions, renewals, and one-time purchases.

Do you replace Apple or Google payment?

No, we don't! We simplify and secure payment infrastructure for you but all payments are still processed by Apple or Google.

What are overages?

Analyze and Grow plans include a base MTR. If you exceed these amount, overages automatically charged from your account. For  example, if you're on a Analyze plan and your MTR is $35k, than you pay $99 + (35 - 20) * $5.99 = $99 + 15 * $5.99 = $173.85

What if my MTR goes over $10k on a Free plan?

Don't worry, Adapty continues to handle your purchases and receipt validation. However, you won't have access to the rest features, including Dashboard and Reports. To unlock access you need to upgrade your plan.

Ooops, I have a billing issue with my card, will you cancel our SDK?

No, we won't. Adapty continues to handle your purchases and receipt validation. You will be prompt with a paywall and after paying you can continue to use all features of Adapty.