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In-app subscriptions
made profitable

Integrate in-app purchases within an hour. Double your
subscription revenue in 3 months with A/B testing for paywalls.
Run monetization experiments faster and cheaper.

Trusted by 5,000+ apps and the world’s largest app publishers
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Price testing for in-app purchases
without app releases

Find the optimal price and duration for your subscriptions and maximize your customer LTV without leaving the Adapty dashboard

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Price testing

On-the-fly price testing


Out-of-the-box analytics

SDK integration

Fast and native integration
with the Adapty SDK

Powerful and efficient subscription BI

Measure your in-app economy from free trials to refunds with real-time analytics.

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Real time

Manage subscription state without having to manage transactions.

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99.5% accuracy with App Store Connect.

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View and analyze data by attributes, such as status, channels, campaigns, and more.

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Filters and segmentations

Filter, group, and measure metrics by attribution, platform, custom users’ segments, and more in a few clicks.

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No-code paywall builder

Build beautiful native paywalls for your mobile app without a dev team.

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Instant paywall A/B testing

Create a paywall in minutes to test your hypothesis in the quickest way possible.

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Native layout

The paywalls are made in the native layout for all the supported mobile platforms.

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Add multiple locales and preview each paywall to make sure everything fits well.

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One-click integrations

Forward subscription events to analytics, attribution, and ad services without coding.

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Easy integration

Just a few clicks to send events to your tools for a better understanding of the behavior of your subscribers.

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Tracking events

View subscription events and check their export status to 3rd-party integrations.

In-app purchase Events
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In-app purchases SDK for any platform

Integrate IAP’s within a few hours without server coding. Adapty handles
everything, from free trials to refunds, in a simple, developer-friendly SDK.

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SDK integration

Free trials, upgrades, downgrades, crossgrades, family sharing, renewals, promo offers, intro offers, promo codes, and more – Adapty SDK does everything with a single line of code

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Easy subscription management

icon purchases

One-time purchases and lifetime
subscriptions supported

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Sync subscribers’ state across iOS,
Android, and Web

// Your app's code
import Adapty

// Make a purchase, Adapty handles the rest
Adapty.makePurchase(product: product) { receipt in
	switch result {
	case let .success(profile):
		// successful purchase
	case let .failure(error):
		// handle the error
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Millions of subscribers use apps with Adapty every month


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