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IAP events with user properties. No coding required

  • Easily access all of your subscription events in one place.
  • Track subscription events in your Braze dashboard and map them with your acquisition campaigns.
  • Build target communication with customers using Braze push notifications.
  • Explore our documentation to find more.

Easy-to-understand subscription events

Event example: subscription_renewed
// Subscription renewed event example
	"price_usd": 9.99,
	"proceeds_usd": 6.99,
	"transaction_id": "1000000628581600",
	"original_transaction_id": "1000000628581600",
	"purchase_date": "2020-02-18T18:40:22.000000+0000",
	"original_purchase_date": "2020-02-18T18:40:22.000000+0000",
	"environment": "Sandbox",
	"vendor_product_id": "premium",
	"event_datetime": "2020-02-18T18:40:22.000000+0000",
	"store": "app_store"

Forward subscription events without coding