ABBYY: +58.5% to the annual subscription revenue

Results with Adapty
ABBYY FineReader
Since July 2021
From 1.37%
to $1.54% CR


Migrated in 1 week

Union Apps

+4.5M ARR
ABBYY is a software company that provides numerous business solutions: document-processing platform, invoice automation and data extraction, document converter, and more.

They also have three mobile apps helping people scan documents and extract data from business cards:

The team uses Adapty to make these apps more valuable assets for the company. They pay special attention to the FineReader.

AppsFlyer integration

Adapty, AppsFlyer, and Amplitude are three main tools used by Union Apps for marketing and product development.

As the company invests into ASO and ASA, they need to understand if these investments pay out. For this purpose, the team uses AppsFlyer connected to the Adapty’s account. With Adapty, they send to AppsFlyer the following events:

  • Subscription renewals,
  • Trials started,
  • Conversion from trial to paid,
  • Entering a grace period.

Thanks to the integration, the team sees what campaigns bring conversions and therefore can optimize the ads.

A/B testing

The team started experimenting on paywalls since the first day of using Adapty. Paywall A/B tests take about 10 minutes to launch, which makes it easy to test new hypotheses.

One particular test showed an outstanding result.

The team aimed to sell more annual subscriptions over the monthly ones. So they came up with a new paywall showing all the benefits of the premium subscriptions and highlighting the annual plan.

Premium Account A


  • Premium plan benefits are designed as a gallery;

  • The monthly plan is highlighted;

  • There’s a button to proceed to the purchase.
Premium Account B


  • All the benefits are grouped into the list instead of a gallery;

  • The annual plan is highlighted with a colored button and the badge “save 71%”;
  • The annual subscription offers a 14-day trial;

  • Both plans act as buttons.


Eventually, they achieved what they were aiming for:

  • the users would choose the annual plan twice more often than the monthly option;
  • the conversion rate from views to purchases increased from 1.37% to 1.54%;
  • the revenue from annual subscriptions also increased by 58.5%.

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