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When you’ll get paid, according to Apple Fiscal Calendar 2021

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When you’ll get paid, according to Apple Fiscal Calendar 2021
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As a mobile developer, you can spend months, if not years, developing an app.

You put all your creativity and experience into turning a simple idea into reality. You certainly hope it will be something everybody will love and be eager to pay for.

But when the time comes and you release your state-of-the-art product on Apple Store, a more pragmatic question comes into play: when exactly will you get paid?

That’s when you need Apple's fiscal calendar.

What is Apple's fiscal year?

Regular fiscal calendars are usually used for financial reporting and budgeting. Sometimes, they can correspond with calendar years, but businesses can choose a model that suits their needs best.

Apple fiscal year is a four-quarter calendar used for scheduling orderly payments for mobile app developers.

So, why do we have to care about Apple’s fiscal years?

Once you upload your mobile app to the Apple Store, you’ll start getting payments on designated days. And Apple's fiscal calendar becomes your go-to resource for keeping track of those days.

How does the Apple fiscal calendar work?

The first thing you should know about an Apple fiscal year is that it doesn’t correspond with a calendar year (like in “they don’t coincide at all”). For one thing, it always starts on the last Sunday of September. But that’s just the tip of it.

The calendar is divided into four quarters, each of which consists of three months. The first month of each quarter always has 35 days, while the other two are 28-day long.

It’s also important to remember that the company uses the US calendar version, meaning that weeks start on Sunday and end on Saturday.

The beginning and the end of each period are always on the same day of the week. And most importantly, Apple’s payment dates almost always come 33 days after the end of the previous fiscal month.

While it may sound confusing at first, the system starts making more sense if you look at the Apple fiscal year calendar. Let’s proceed to it straight away.

Apple fiscal calendar for 2021

Now, visualizing or trying to remember all this is next to impossible. That’s why we’ve prepared this Apple fiscal calendar and highlighted all payment days in it:

Apple fiscal calendar 2021

You can download this Apple fiscal year calendar in PDF or add it to your Google calendar by following this link

It’s also available on iTunes Connect, but you need to log into your account first.

Payment days

Payment days Apple Fiscal Calendar 2021

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Vitaly Davydov
Vitaly Davydov
February 20, 2021