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Advanced cohort analysis for mobile subscriptions

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Real-time cohort analysis
for your mobile app

Watch your app’s churn rate, check the monetization
effectiveness, and analyze how core metrics change over time.

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Answer your data questions

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Essential metrics

Get the overview of your product’s
ARPPU, ARPAS, revenue,
and subscription purchases. View them
in absolute or relative values
with the ability to show the proceeds.

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Chart flexibility

Renewal columns adjust automatically
depending on the subscription period
you choose: week, month, year,
or generalized period for all the
products combined.

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Renewal intervals

Display the retention intervals as
renewal periods or days according
to subscription periods for more
precise data.

What cohort analysis can be useful for?

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Monitoring churn
and retention patterns

View how many users remain
subscribed in the
subsequent months and how
the core metrics change.

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Assessing your users’

Precisely track revenue
and proceeds for each

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Measuring impact from
product or price

Monitor the health of your
product and see how
changes affect your

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the effectiveness
of marketing campaigns

Find out which user
acquisition sources bring
the most revenue.