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The best RevenueCat alternative for app revenue growth

Move to Adapty and double your subscription revenue.

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Why pick Adapty over RevenueCat?

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To make your app more profitable

Our clients get up to a 30% revenue increase in just 2 months with the help of paywall A/B testing.

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To get a quick subscription ROI

Growth from the paywall A/B testing will allow you to increase your app revenue in a short time.

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To save time and money

Reliable SDK and fast-responsive support will provide a seamless experience with the service.

What exactly do I get with Adapty?

Paywall A/B testing with no developer involved

Use the paywall builder to design and deploy
paywalls with no code

Localize and target paywalls by regions, user segments, or custom attributes

Customize your paywalls with a JSON-based remote config

“We constantly generate hypotheses based on the analytics we receive and run A/B tests – all within one admin panel, which is super convenient”.

Artem S.,
Head of Marketing

remote config

Save time and money on building your own backend infrastructure

Integrate in-app purchases in a few hours with no server code

Sync subscribers’ states across iOS, Android, and Web

“Implementing subscriptions just with StoreKit is a common pain point for app developers. takes all of the efforts out of this and offers a simple & modern Swift SDK.
It also allows A/B testing paywalls, ultimately helping developers earn more from their apps”.

Florian S.,
Indie App Developer

Developer-friendly SDK for any platform


Real-time user-level subscription BI

Track every subscriber instantly across iOS and Android in one place

Deeply integrate with attribution for cohort analysis and LTV predictions

Check the health of your app business by controlling numerous mobile metrics

“ has been really helpful for me in understanding my app’s monetization strategy and optimizing it for better results”.

Alexanra R.,
Mobile app developer

Freemium app monetization strategies to make a real profitable app

Enterprise-ready platform with short release cycle

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SLA reliability

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of in-app purchases processed/year

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2 weeks

Product updates every two weeks

Dedicated customer success manager

Direct communication via Slack

Live chat on the website

“We tried on different options among competitors for a long time, but when we found out that the guys on the team have native Turkish speakers, there was no doubt. Our developers and part of the team are from Turkey, so we can solve any issues much faster with Adapty”.

Alex V.,
iOS Dev

Responsive customer support

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Choose Adapty over RevenueCat if you want to…

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Increase your subscription revenue and become more profitable

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Have a convenient platform with the best-in-class stability

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Work with a reliable partner with great customer support and success

I already use RevenueCat, how do I switch to Adapty?

Don’t be afraid to switch to Adapty

Many of our customers are former RevenueCat users. You’re sure to have a smooth migration process along with a special introductory offer. Schedule a call to learn more about the offer and the migration process.

step 1

Step 1

View the docs or book a demo to learn about the migration process.

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Step 3

Transfer historical data with the help of our team.

step 1

Step 1

View the docs or book a demo to learn about the migration process.

step 2

Step 2

Integrate Adapty SDK and release a new version of your app.

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Step 3

Transfer historical data with the help of our team.

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Step 4

Keep tracking and optimizing your app via Adapty Dashboard.

People from all kinds of businesses turn to Adapty
to grow their app revenue

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“We chose Adapty for its powerful paywall A/B testing capabilities, which helped us optimize our monetization strategy effectively. The user-friendly platform, flexible pricing, and exceptional customer support make Adapty a superior choice over competitors…”

— Yalçın Özdemir, Founder & CEO at AppNation

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“Adapty helps us solve several problems at once. Integrating their SDK for IAPs turned out to be more beneficial than creating our own server.”

— Artem Smirnov, Head of Marketing at Union Apps

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“Adapty’s platform makes it easy for non-developers to create and manage A/B tests, paywalls, product mix and pricing structure. They have a great external API that makes it easy to pass related events to other analytics tools like Amplitude and Mixpanel.”

— Kyle Smith, Head of data at Smitten Dating

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Adapty vs RevenueCat feature comparison




Purchase SDK

+ 100% open source

3rd party integrations
Essential metrics (Free plan)

More than 15 metrics: revenue, MRR, ARR, ARPPU, subscription renewals and cancellations, trials, billing issues, and more.

Only 6 metrics: active trials, active subscriptions, MRR, revenue, new customers, and active users.

Advanced analytics charts

Cohorts, funnels, retention, conversion, predictions

Retention, conversion + other metrics that are free in Adapty

Cohort analysis

Revenue, subscriptions, ARPAS, ARPPU. Viewed by renewals or days and filtered by products.

No separate cohort analysis chart

Remote paywall configuration

Only product configuration, not the entire paywall

Paywall builder
Paywall A/B testing

Targeting, unlimited number of products, remote config for design elements, A/B testing analytics

Only price and product testing


+23% average revenue increase in 2 months

$0 revenue increase