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😍 No-code paywall A/B testing
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Why pick Adapty over RevenueCat?

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To make your app more profitable

Our clients get up to a 30% revenue increase in just 2 months with the help of paywall A/B testing.
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To get a quick subscription ROI

Growth from the paywall A/B testing will allow you to cover expenses faster and start earning.
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To save time and money

Reliable SDK and fast-responsive support will smooth out your interaction with the service.

What exactly do I get with Adapty?

Paywall A/B testing with no developer involved

  • Use the paywall builder to design and deploy paywalls with no code.
  • Customize your paywalls with a JSON-based remote config.
  • Localize and target paywalls by regions, user segments, or custom attributes.
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“We like it that Adapty provides deep customization possibilities for paywalls and A/B tests. For a long time we've been using Remote config to change elements and localize our paywalls in a matter of minutes without having to wait for another app review.”
Magnús Ó.,
Chief Technology Officer
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Developer-friendly SDK for any platform

  • Save time and money on building your own backend infrastructure.
  • Sync subscribers’ state across iOS, Android, and Web.
  • Integrate in-app purchases in a few hours with no server code.
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“Implementing subscriptions just with StoreKit is a common pain point for app developers. takes all of the efforts out of this and offers a simple and modern Swift SDK.”
Florian S.,
Indie App Developer
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Real-time user-level subscription BI

  • Track every subscriber instantly across iOS and Android in one place.
  • Check your app’s health by controlling numerous mobile metrics.
  • Deeply integrate with attribution for cohort ROI and LTV.
Learn more about Revenue analytics
“Adapty's analytics platform has become an invaluable asset for optimizing our app's monetization strategy. The detailed subscription metrics and LTV prediction tools provide us with real insights to drive our revenue growth.”
Burak B.,
Marketing Team Lead
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Responsive customer support

  • Dedicated customer success manager.
  • Live chat on the website.
  • Direct communication via Slack.
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“We tried on different options among competitors for a long time, but when we found out that the guys on the team have native Turkish speakers, there was no doubt. Our developers and part of the team are from Turkey, so we can solve any issues much faster with Adapty.”
Alex V.,
iOS Developer
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Enterprise-ready platform with short release cycle

SLA reliability
of in-app purchases processed/year
2 weeks
Product updates every two weeks

Choose Adapty over RevenueCat if you want to…

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Increase your subscription revenue and become more profitable.
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Have a convenient platform with the best-in-class stability.
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Work with a reliable partner with great customer support and success.

I already use RevenueCat, how do I switch to Adapty?

Don’t be afraid to switch to Adapty

Many of our customers are former RevenueCat users. You’re sure to have a smooth migration process along with a special introductory offer. Schedule a call to learn more about the offer and the migration process.
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Switch To Adapty Step 1

Step 1

View the docs or book a demo to learn about the migration process.
Switch To Adapty Step 2

Step 2

Integrate Adapty SDK and release a new version of your app.
Switch To Adapty Step 3

Step 3

Transfer historical data with the help of our team.
Switch To Adapty Step 4

Step 4

Keep tracking and optimizing your app via Adapty Dashboard.

Adapty vs RevenueCat feature comparison

In-App purchases SDK
Yes, +100% open source
StoreKit 2 and Billing 5/6 support
3rd party integrations, including raw data exports
Real-time analytics
Up to 15 minutes delay
5 hours delay
Essential metrics
18 metrics: installs, revenue, MRR, ARR, ARPU, ARPPU, LTV, subscriptions, trials, churn, grace periods, billing issues, and more
7 metrics: revenue, MRR, ARR, LTV, trials, subscriptions, churn
Comparison with the previous periods
Yes, see the dynamics, not just the absolute numbers
Charts segmentation
Yes, segment charts by: country, store, product duration, attribution, renewal status, and more
Cohort analysis
Yes, by payments and by days after install
Sales funnel
Yes, with segmentation
Subscription retention
Yes, with segmentation
Yes, 10 metrics
Yes, 3 metrics
Revenue and LTV prediction with ML
Yes, predictions for 3, 6, 9, and 12 months
Only with a 3rd-party integration
Paywall A/B testing
Test everything: products, prices, images, copies, CTA, positioning and more
Onboarding A/B testing
Yes, test onboarding screens with the remote config
Paywall and onboarding localizations
Yes, 70+ languages
Only through Offering metadata
Targeted paywalls and A/B tests
Yes, show specific paywalls or A/B tests to the users from certain countries, devices, ad campaigns, your own custom attributes and more
Paywalls only
No-code Paywall Builder
Yes, unlimited customizable templates. Native and cross-platform SDKs
Yes, 5 templates. Only native SDKs, cross-platform SDKs are not supported
Built-in Apple Search Ads attribution
Customized paywalls based on Apple Search Ads
Yes, show the paywalls optimized for a specific keyword used to install the app
Personalised data insights for your apps
Free email support
Chat support on all paid plans
Startup program
Yes, discounted pricing and detailed guides on revenue growth for smaller apps
Dedicated customer support team on the enterprise plan
Yes, live communication in shared Slack channels/other messengers. Personalised insights and case studies. Live tech sessions with developers and growth managers
Available, limited channels and no growth sessions
The data is relevant as of early 2024

Marketers use Adapty to grow revenue fast

Cem Ortabas, Co-founder and CEO of HubX
“Migrating off RevenueCat was not an easy decision for us. We’ve chosen Adapty because we believe they are a better partner as we grow. Looking back it was the right call. Despite some hiccups, the Adapty team was always there to help us during the migration and afterward, and their support is top-notch. I recommend Adapty as a reliable partner.”
Cem Ortabas
Co-founder and CEO, HubX
Chris Bick, Founder and CEO of Bickster
“We’ve been working with Adapty since 2021 and I couldn’t be happier about it. We’ve tried other subscription management platforms in the past so I can compare. Adapty introduced numerous features over the years and constantly helped us grow. They have the best analytics on the market and all the integrations you can think of. If you looking to boost the revenue of your app, I definitely recommend Adapty.”
Chris Bick
Founder and CEO, Bickster
Yalçın Özdemir, Founder & CEO of AppNation
“We chose Adapty for its powerful paywall A/B testing capabilities, which helped us optimize our monetization strategy effectively. The user-friendly platform, flexible pricing, and exceptional customer support make Adapty a superior choice over competitors.”
Yalçın Özdemir
Founder & CEO, AppNation
Kyle Smith, Head of data at Smitten Dating
"Adapty's platform makes it easy for non-developers to create and manage A/B tests, paywalls, product mix and pricing structure. They have a great external API that makes it easy to pass related events to other analytics tools like Amplitude and Mixpanel."
Kyle Smith
Head of data at Smitten Dating
Roi Mulia, Founder & CEO of SocialKit
“We’ve tested more than three hundred paywalls in the space of four months. Adapty allows testing basically any element of the paywall, and we took advantage of that. We’ve tested them all: products, title text, CTA buttons, images, videos etc. With Adapty’s A/B testing, we managed to double our monthly revenue. I wasn’t sure if one instrument could make such an impact, but I witnessed it myself.”
Roi Mulia
Founder & CEO, SocialKit

Using another or in-house solution for subscriptions?

We’ve got you covered and will help you move your data securely and seamlessly without losing a single subscriber.
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