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A springboard for running a successful subscription app business

Running a subscription business is hard, we know it. Adapty makes it easy for you and your team to get things done quickly and cheaply while allowing you to focus on what you do best — building new products and acquiring customers.
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Increase your marketing speed

Iterate over paywalls and subscription pricing fast. Get the most out of your app with Paywall A/B testing, Paywall Targeting, and more. You can’t avoid mistakes, but with Adapty you can make mistakes faster and move forward to maximize your profit.
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Save your dev team efforts

Focus your development team on building products and features, not infrastructure and operation. Adapty helps you delegate your revenue ops and forget about it.
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Clear and transparent subscription reporting

Track both high- and low-level revenue metrics in the Adapty dashboard easily right from your mobile phone. Analyze revenue growth, retention, and cohorts. Segment by traffic sources and control LTV. Receive daily, weekly, and monthly email reports.

Predict revenue for the next 4 quarters

With Adapty’s machine learning technology, we accurately predict your app revenue and LTV for the next 4 quarters. Never run out of cash again and plan your earnings well ahead.
“Adapty's analytics platform has become an invaluable asset for optimizing our app's monetization strategy. The detailed subscription metrics and LTV prediction tools provide us with real insights to drive our revenue growth.”
Burak Berber
Marketing Team Lead at Appnation
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Access rights

Control user permission in one or many of your apps. Keep your app secure from data leaks and 3rd party access.
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Join the world's largest apps that already use Adapty

People from all kinds of businesses turn to Adapty to grow their revenue

Cem Ortabas, Co-founder and CEO of HubX
“Migrating off RevenueCat was not an easy decision for us. We’ve chosen Adapty because we believe they are a better partner as we grow. Looking back it was the right call. Despite some hiccups, the Adapty team was always there to help us during the migration and afterward, and their support is top-notch. I recommend Adapty as a reliable partner.”
Cem Ortabas
Co-founder and CEO, HubX
Chris Bick, Founder and CEO of Bickster
“We’ve been working with Adapty since 2021 and I couldn’t be happier about it. We’ve tried other subscription management platforms in the past so I can compare. Adapty introduced numerous features over the years and constantly helped us grow. They have the best analytics on the market and all the integrations you can think of. If you looking to boost the revenue of your app, I definitely recommend Adapty.”
Chris Bick
Founder and CEO, Bickster
Yalçın Özdemir, Founder & CEO of AppNation
“We chose Adapty for its powerful paywall A/B testing capabilities, which helped us optimize our monetization strategy effectively. The user-friendly platform, flexible pricing, and exceptional customer support make Adapty a superior choice over competitors.”
Yalçın Özdemir
Founder & CEO, AppNation
Kyle Smith, Head of data at Smitten Dating
"Adapty's platform makes it easy for non-developers to create and manage A/B tests, paywalls, product mix and pricing structure. They have a great external API that makes it easy to pass related events to other analytics tools like Amplitude and Mixpanel."
Kyle Smith
Head of data at Smitten Dating
Roi Mulia, Founder & CEO of SocialKit
“We’ve tested more than three hundred paywalls in the space of four months. Adapty allows testing basically any element of the paywall, and we took advantage of that. We’ve tested them all: products, title text, CTA buttons, images, videos etc. With Adapty’s A/B testing, we managed to double our monthly revenue. I wasn’t sure if one instrument could make such an impact, but I witnessed it myself.”
Roi Mulia
Founder & CEO, SocialKit

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