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An open-source SDK for integrating in-app purchases on Android

Implement in-app purchases in 30 minutes.

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Out-of-the-box backend for Android in-app purchases

Integrating in-app purchases requires creating a back-end infrastructure and server for subscription events. This can take hundreds of hours of work and be challenging to maintain.

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Adapty SDK enables you to integrate in-app subscriptions into your Android app with our ready-made infrastructure, which handles all subscription events and offers revenue growing features.

// Your app's code

// Make a purchase, Adapty handles the rest
Adapty.makePurchase(activity, product) { result ->
	when (result) {
		is AdaptyResult.Success -> {
			// successful purchase
		is AdaptyResult.Error -> {
			// handle the error

From integration to maintenance – Adapty is created to make working with IAP easier.

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Why choose Adapty SDK?


Precise subscription states at any moment

Rest assured you’ll always get the correct subscriber states across all platforms.

Server side

Server-side receipt validation

No need to worry about the accuracy and safety of purchase validation.

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Handling all types of subscription states

Free trials, upgrades, promo offers, family sharing, renewals, and more.

release cycle

Enterprise-ready platform with cutting edge features

>99.99% SLA reliability and regular product updates.

easy integration

Fast and easy integration

It’ll only take you a couple of hours to integrate the Adapty SDK into your Android app, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Just 5 SDK methods to implement Android in-app purchases

// Your app's code
Adapty.makePurchase(activity, product) { result ->
    when (result) {
        is AdaptyResult.Success -> {
            val profile = result.value
            // NOTE: profile is null in case of cross-grade with DEFERRED proration mode
            // successful purchase
        is AdaptyResult.Error -> {
            val error = result.error
            // handle the error
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People from all kinds of businesses turn to Adapty
to grow their app revenue

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“We chose Adapty for its powerful paywall A/B testing capabilities, which helped us optimize our monetization strategy effectively. The user-friendly platform, flexible pricing, and exceptional customer support make Adapty a superior choice over competitors…”

— Yalçın Özdemir, Founder & CEO at AppNation

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“Adapty helps us solve several problems at once. Integrating their SDK for IAPs turned out to be more beneficial than creating our own server.”

— Artem Smirnov, Head of Marketing at Union Apps

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“Adapty’s platform makes it easy for non-developers to create and manage A/B tests, paywalls, product mix and pricing structure. They have a great external API that makes it easy to pass related events to other analytics tools like Amplitude and Mixpanel.”

— Kyle Smith, Head of data at Smitten Dating

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What do I get with Adapty?

Adapty SDK provides tremendous possibilities for growing app revenue

Real-time analytics for your Android app

Rely on advanced subscription analytics with cohort analysis and predictions.

“Transparent and advanced analytical dashboards help us make decisions faster without using additional tools. It saves us a lot of time and, therefore, money”.

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Ekaterina K,
PM at Gravity Fit

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Paywall A/B testing

Find the most profitable paywall and grow your app’s revenue.

“Adapty’s fast analytics and easy-to-launch A/B testing feature have allowed us to validate hypotheses quickly and achieve great results”.

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Vadim Nemchenko,
Product Manager at MentalGrowth

Explore A/B testing
Paywall ab testing

Remote config for paywalls

Change your paywall remotely without having
to re-release the app.

“Our growth and revenue team is able to rapidly implement and manage paywalls, product offers, and test pricing tiers across many different markets”.

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Kyle Smith,
Head of data at Smitten Dating

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Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our users say

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