Send subscription and in-app purchase events to AppsFlyer

Seamlessly push subscription events, such as free trial activations, purchases, renewals, and more, to AppsFlyer. Accurately analyze how much revenue your campaigns generated in AppsFlyer.
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In-app-purchase events

Standard event mappingwn your data

Map subscription events to AppsFlyer standard events in the Adapty admin panel or rename events with any text. Adapty also sends standard user properties such as $campaign , $mediaSource, and $total_revenue with your events.
Cost SDK

18 events to send

Adapty generates 18 different subscription events to cover the whole user journey, from activating a free trial all the way to the refund.
Events Integration

Send revenue or proceeds

Report gross revenue, revenue after taxes (VAT) or net proceeds after App Store/Google Play cut and taxes.
Convenient Taxes

Report user currency or USD

Send revenue in user currency (Euro, GBP, etc.) or report in the USD.
Currency Or Usd

Forward subscription events without coding

Send these or any other of the 18 events to Appsflyer.
The full list can be found in the documentation.
The user has activated a subscription without a trial period i.e. he was billed instantly.
The user has canceled a subscription and it is completely finished.
The user has activated a trial subscription.
The trial has expired without converting to a subscription.
The user turned on subscription auto-renewal during the trial period.
A subscription was refunded (e.g. by Apple support).
A subscription was renewed and the user was charged. For both trial and non-trial subscriptions, this event is sent starting from the second billing.
A trial period has ended and the user was billed, i.e. first purchase was made.
Any non-subscription purchase e.g. lifetime access or consumable product such as coins.
An attempt to charge the user was made, but a billing issue happened. Usually, it means the user doesn't have enough card balance.
The payment was not successful and the user entered into a grace period. The user still has access to the premium features of your app until the grace period is finished.
A user turned off subscription auto-renewal during the trial. A user still has access to the premium features of your app until the end of the trial period.
A user turned on subscription auto-renewal during the trial period.
A user turned off subscription auto-renewal. A user still has access to the premium features of your app until the end of the subscription period.
A user turned on subscription auto-renewal.
Non-subscription purchase was refunded.
User activated subscription pause (Android only).
A user's subscription has been deferred, ie they were granted free usage time (Android only). Usually, it happens in response to an API call from your servers.
User's access level updated (Webhook only).
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One-click integrations

Forward subscription events to analytics, attribution, and ad services without coding.
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