Marketing CRM
for mobile apps
with subscriptions
Only 5% of your app users convert to subscribers.
Adapty automates marketing turning users into clients
No credit card required. Always free up to $10K MRR. Fair pricing as you grow your business.
For marketers
Increase subscription purchase rate
Segment your new, existing and churned users.
Get a deeper understanding of how subscribers use your app. Run email and ad campaigns with promotional offers faster
For analysts
Remotely configure purchases and perform AB testing
Test prices and offers for your user. Show the right deal in the right moment for the right user
For executives and product managers
Evaluate performance of your subscription-based business
Track conversion and churn rates, avg.number of subscription periods, active subscriptions and trials, cancellations, revenue, MRR, ARPU and ARPPU. SDK installation is not required
For developers
Deploy subscription infrastructure for your app in minutes
Implement in-app subscriptions & receipt validation in your app quickly and correctly with our mobile SDK
Build your mobile subscription product grow it with Adapty
Privacy first
We take your privacy seriously. Your data is stored in an encrypted way at multiple AZ in the cloud
Development friendly SDK
Adapty mobile SDK handles all purchase flow with as simple as one line of code
Fast integration
Connect your existing app to Adapty without changing your existing flow with Adapty API
Multiple platforms
Coming soon
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