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Grow sales funnel
for in-app purchases

Increase revenue with A/B testing for paywalls. Win back churned subscribers with auto discounts. Measure everything with the top accuracy.
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Hundreds of mobile apps use Adapty to grow in-app sales


Works for any app and game

Deploy subscription infrastructure for your app in minutes. Implement in-app subscriptions, purchases restore, receipt validation in your app with our mobile SDK.

// Your app’s code
import Adapty

// Make a purchase, Adapty handles the rest
Adapty.makePurchase(product: <product>, offerId: <offerid>) { (receipt, response, error) in
   if error == nil {
       // successful purchase

100% Open Source

// top-level build.gradle
allprojects {
   repositories {
       ... maven { url '' }

// module-level build.gradle
dependencies {
       ... implementation 'com.github.adaptyteam:AdaptySDK-Android:0.6.0'

100% Open Source

// Your app’s code

import { activateAdapty } from "react-native-adapty";

const App: React.FC = () => {
 useEffect(() => {
   activateAdapty({ sdkKey: "YOUR_SDK_KEY" });

100% Open Source

final MakePurchaseResult makePurchaseResult = await Adapty.makePurchase(product);
if (makePurchaseResult?.purchaserInfo?.accessLevels['premium'].isActive) {
// grant access to premium features

100% Open Source

Adapty.makePurchase(product, null, this);

100% Open Source

What customers say about us

Integrating Adapty is super fast and transparent. We love event coverage of users payments, now we get a full picture of our economy.
Vasily Sochinsky, CEO at Easy Fasting
Adapty is beautifully designed. It’s super easy to understand our key metrics and subscribers.
Eduard Backsheev, CEO at VocApp
We’ve been using Adapty from the beginning. Dashboard is our favourite feature with a seamless integration and useful insights in Slack.
Danial Siddiki, Founder of Art Walls

Build your product, grow with Adapty

Privacy first

We take your privacy seriously. Your data is stored in the cloud with SSL protection.

Development friendly SDK

Adapty handles in-app purchases, restores, renewals, and receipt verification without coding.

Fast integration

Connect your app to Adapty without changing your payment infrastructure.

Multiple platforms

Adapty is a place where iOS and Android live together.

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