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Adapty is a winner of the App Growth Awards 2023

Sergey Zubkov

Updated: December 6, 2023

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adapty app growth awards winner 1

The App Growth Awards 2023 has just passed in Berlin and we’re thrilled to share with you that Adapty has become the winner in the App Revenue Platform nomination! It’s an honor to be appreciated for our diligent work and constant improvements in the field of app revenue growth. In 2023, our product saw some of the most innovative updates that took working with paywalls, A/B testing, and analytics to another level. We’re happy to be able to regularly provide our clients with new valuable features and see them unfold their potential to the fullest. We’re thankful for your loyalty and trust to keep growing your apps with Adapty.

Receiving the award at the end of the year seems to be a good reason to sum up our latest achievements and innovations in the area of app growth. We’d like to show you the current state of our revenue management system and how exactly apps can benefit from using Adapty. 

How Adapty helps to grow app revenue

In 2023 we improved and reinforced the strategy of helping our clients increase their user engagement rates. There are two main stages of engagement where our service is invaluable: First payments (onboarding paywalls) and Recurring payments (retention and renewals). By focusing on these two stages, we help our clients get more high-quality subscribers and significantly increase their MRR. Let’s look more closely at every stage and all the instruments Adapty provides for them:

  • Paywalls 2.0 – a brand new paywall management system for easier first-payment engagement.
  • Paywall Builder 2.0 – a no-code visual editor for creating and publishing paywalls in a few minutes.
  • Updated and new analytics dashboards for the thorough control of the recurring payment engagement.

Paywalls 2.0 and first-payment engagement

One of the main general goals of Adpaty is to make the process of creating paywalls and running A/B tests as easy and convenient as possible. So in 2023 we proudly introduced our brand-new management system – Paywalls 2.0. Its main purpose was to improve the way our clients manage paywalls and A/B tests and maximize their revenue potential.

The core of this update was the introduction of new entities – placements, audiences, and paywall groups – that were meant to change and improve the traditional process of working with paywalls.

image 12
Paywalls 2.0 structure

The addition of these entities drastically changed the way the paywalls used to work in our product and provided total freedom for user segmentation of the first payment engagement stage. The ability to distinguish between different user audiences based on numerous attributes, including custom ones, significantly facilitated the process of finding the right target audience for an app. The “audiences” could later be used for displaying different paywalls to different customer groups, or running paywall A/B tests. 

image 5
Paywall A/B test targeted for a specific audience (Facebook users)

Paywall Builder + 2.0 version

Continuing to make Adapty a more convenient solution for working with paywalls, at the beginning of the year we introduced our first iteration of the Paywall Builder. That version enabled our clients to create no-code native paywalls based on a best-selling paywall template in a user-friendly visual editor. The feature got quickly popular with our clients, so updates and upgrades weren’t long in coming. 

image 11
Paywall Builder 1.0

The current 2.0 version of the Paywall Builder is 10 times more convenient and powerful. It truly gives our customers creative freedom and provides more possibilities for user engagement:

  • Choose among several popular templates, manually customize any design element to your liking, and publish the paywall right away without having to code it or re-release the app.
  • The paywalls made with the builder can be copied, tweaked, and quickly turned into A/B tests for different audiences to find which one is more engaged in the product. Using the same functionality, our clients can even test their onboarding screens to reach the most engaging user flow. 
  • The personalization aspect is added through the paywall localization which can be done with just a few mouse clicks. Our users can create as many paywalls as they want and proceed with making numerous localized versions of those for a higher chance of conversion on different markets.
Paywall Builder 2.0

Upgraded paywall A/B testing, facilitated by the Paywall Builder 2.0, helps our clients thoroughly look for the most profitable product combination and engaging paywall design in their apps. Paywall localization and targeting by attributes enable them to find the right audience and product fit – all of which leads to a significant increase in revenue

image 4
MRR growth since the first experiment with Adapty

The recurring payment engagement: Data + analytics

Being a major player in the market, our service shows impressive numbers of data tracking: 31.7М subscription events/month, 802M users, 11.8M subscribers/month, and 13.1B API calls/month. Adapty works directly with mobile purchases and payments, thus always getting the most precise data. We process 17 subscription events and turn them into human-readable format instantly as they’re created and enrich them with additional information, such as customer ID, consecutive payments, store commission info, and others. 

We significantly facilitated the engagement process of the recurring payment stage of engagement by providing a plethora of tools for working with data and analytics. Our updated analytics dashboard features almost 20 useful mobile metrics, including different subscription states. With detailed segmentation by product, duration, and numerous other attributes, the analytics dashboard allows for checking important engagement metrics, such as activations, trials, cancellations, refunds, and many more. Advanced charts, including Retention, Funnels, and Conversions are simply irreplaceable when dealing with churn. 

Main mobile metrics in Adapty’s analytics dashboard

Updated Cohort analysis chart in a granular manner displays retention split by renewal periods or by days. A brand-new addition to the chart that came out this year allows for predicting LTV and Revenue numbers for a period of up to 12 months. Based on an ML-powered prediction model with a gradient boosting technique under the hood, it shows a remarkable level of accuracy with a Mean Absolute Percentage Error (MAPE) of less than 10%. The model uses historical data on the app’s retention, so the prediction results can be used as another way of understanding the app’s current situation with user engagement. 

isBchii7d1yh59QFkgLC6jhhn cZe24u vctkgN6Rmp70SQcGr6xP9paD1bpEWJUiiV DgkSE6yrzq5c57K2iV34rxwi2kzT0PtYBPxodilJTfb9h6o2Pee
Revenue and LTV prediction

A fresh separate LTV chart is meant to show information on the average revenue generated per paying customer. Integrated with the cohorts, this chart allows for the LTV visualization of a particular cohort – marked by day, week, month, or year. 

image 5
LTV chart grouped by week

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In conclusion

All the mentioned features make it much easier to prepare and run experiments, which results in higher revenue and conversion rates. With Paywalls 2.0 and A/B testing capabilities, our clients managed to remarkably grow their subscribers’ numbers by running targeted paywall A/B tests and using localizations. Using all the analytical means of Adapty, they also get a clear picture of their engagement rates and properly develop the strategy for further improvements or changes in their apps. 

Top app publishers from all over the world, such as HubX, Appex, ABBYY, AdQuantum, and others, trust us with their data and rely on the way we present it to them in the form of transparent and precise analytics. All in all, Adapty provides a plethora of tools for growing revenue in a smart way and is constantly moving towards providing the most convenient user experience in the segment. If you’re interested in growing your app with comfort – book a demo and have our experts show you everything Adapty is capable of.

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