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February updates: paywall builder, cohorts by days, Pro+ plan, and hiring

Maya Shamray

March 10, 2023


February 2023 updates

Adapty’s paywall builder

Our paywall builder allows publishing native-layout paywalls from our web editor directly to your iOS app, making the paywall creation process easy and fast. You no longer need to have coding knowledge to test your hypotheses. With the paywall builder, you can edit:

  • Products with different prices,
  • Feature descriptions,
  • Background images,
  • Color scheme,
  • Purchase button CTA.  

All the essential conversion elements are easily tweaked and can be tested to improve your app’s performance. 

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Cohorts by days 

Cohort analysis now includes a new view by days, which is particularly useful for tracking non-subscription products, such as consumables or one-time purchases. You can choose to display ARPAS, ARPPU, total revenue, or subscriptions, and track the performance of each cohort on the 1st, 3rd, 7th, 14th, and other days. It’s also useful to set filters to analyze payment trends for specific countries, products, duration, paywalls, attribution, and store.

CleanShot 2023 03 05 at 20.29.50@2x

Pro+ plan

Adapty, as a product, is growing and expanding its functionality, and now we have four pricing options to fit the needs of different app businesses. Our new Pro+ plan includes: 

  • ETL integrations, 
  • A no-code paywall builder, 
  • Cohorts by days, 
  • 6 team members,
  • And a table view for remote paywall configuration. 

To see the full list, please check out our updated pricing.

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We are hiring   

Behind our tremendous growth last year stands a dedicated team of people committed to the idea of creating the best value product. We continue to evolve and welcome new specialists to join us. If marketing, QA, sales, or development positions are of interest to you or someone in your network, be sure to check out our career opportunities.

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