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Adapty March Updates: Home metrics, paywall and A/B tests duplication

Nikita Maidanov

Updated: February 16, 2023


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It was a busy month for Adapty, we’ve released a lot of small fixes and made a huge progress in developing our next big features that are yet to come!

Video version:

Home metrics

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We’re getting closer to making the Home tab a dashboard for your app. Now you’ll find Revenue, MRR, Active Subscriptions and Active Trials on your Home tab. Keep an eye on your metrics!

Paywall and A/B tests duplication

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Small but important UX improvement: now you can duplicate paywalls and A/B tests. You can modify products and payload after duplicating, so this way you save time on creating new paywalls and tests based on the already existing ones. Access this feature by 3-dot icon in your paywalls and A/B tests lists or on the edit page.

Billing details

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Now all your billing details are in one place!

Proceeds in A/B tests metrics

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We recently added the Average Revenue Per Paying User metric in A/B tests. Now we’ve upgraded our metrics with Proceeds: revenue after Apple or Google cut.

Other fixes & improvements:

* Rounded values in charts
* Fixed Last month in date picker
* Improved UX of Paywall Edit page
* Added ability to remove users access level on lifetime purchases

Blog updates:

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