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August updates: Adapty SDK 2.6.2 and other improvements

Sergey Zubkov

September 13, 2023

3 min read



The last month of summer saw several useful technical updates for our product. Let’s recall what was improved.

New fields for Webhook sandbox

image 3

For your testing needs in the staging environment, we added two more fields on the Webhook integration page:

  • Sandbox endpoint URL: Adapty will use this URL to send HTTP POST requests when events occur in the staging environment. Similar to production, your endpoint must respond with a 200 HTTP code upon receiving the isMount event.
  • Authorization header value for sandbox endpoint: This field is optional but advisable for enhanced security in the staging environment. Your server can validate requests from Adapty using this value during testing in the sandbox environment.

Adapty SDK 2.6.2

Adapty SDK has been updated to version 2.6.2. The changes include the support for Google Billing Library v5 and v6 that we already mentioned in the July updates, as well as several improvements and additions to the public API for the native Android, Flutter, and React Native SDKs. Let’s have a look at some of the key changes:

  • Payment mode for discounts: To align with iOS, we have added the paymentMode property to the AdaptyProductDiscountPhase entity.
  • Price entity updates: The price, localizedPrice, currencyCode and currencySymbol properties have been moved from AdaptyPaywallProduct to a new entity called Price.
  • SKU details update: The skuDetails property in AdaptyPaywallProduct has been renamed to productDetails to reflect the use of original product entities from Google.
  • Eligibility status update: In AdaptyEligibility, we have replaced the UNKNOWN value with NOT_APPLICABLE. The latter is used for products that cannot contain offers, such as prepaid products in the Google Play console.

Find the full list of changes and enhancements in our docs.

Sorting for tables

image 1

You can now sort out the tables with detailed metrics – currently, this relates to the tables in the Placements section. The table also supports the sorting of multiple columns.

Member settings update

image 2

Now you can add new members and grant access to all your apps much quicker by choosing “Select all”.

Product creation update 

image 4

With Paywalls 2.0 the overall interface of Adapty underwent different changes and improvements. The way of creating a new product has also changed – now you can add the product info along with the offers in the same modal window.

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