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Adapty April Updates: all new cohorts, SearchAdsHQ integration and hiring new team members!

Kirill Potekhin

Updated: April 7, 2023


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Join the Adapty team

Adapty is growing thanks to you! We welcomed 4 new team members over the past month and had some internal changes. My role has also changed, I’m switching to the CPO role, while our backend lead Artem who’s been in Adapty from day one will be the new CTO. It’s a big step for both me and the team, so you’ll hear more from me.

We’re looking for a project manager who’ll be responsible for delivering new features, internal processes, and team management. If you have relevant experience and would like to work with us at Adapty, please, contact me.

As the time has come to make our team bigger, we realized that you’re the best candidates who can join us to build the most advanced subscription platform today.

Check all the available positions on our website.

What’s new in Adapty in April

April was an exciting month for Adapty: we launched the long-awaited cohorts and SearchAdsHQ integration, plus made some other improvements and fixes.

Cohorts v2

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We’ve completely redesigned our cohorts both inside and outside. They work much (100x times) faster on the larger datasets and just fast on the smaller ones. We’ve added attribution and segment filters to help you better understand subscription patterns. You can easily switch between the products of the different periods or view the data for all the products. You can read about new cohorts in the docs, give them a try, and please, share your thoughts with us.

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SearchAdsHQ (SplitMetrics Acquire) integration

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If you run Apple Search Ads campaigns, chances are you might be interested in the SearchAdsHQ integration (upd. now known as SplitMetrics Acquire). They allow you to automate and optimize ASA campaigns, and also send all subscription lifecycle events straight from Adapty, no coding needed 🙂 Check our docs for the details.

Proceeds in charts

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You asked and we delivered! Now all money charts have the Proceeds toggle. It’s on by default, and it means that all the data is displayed with the App Store / Play Store commission subtracted. Read how the commission is calculated in the docs.

“Access level updated” webhook event

Those of you who track subscription status in your database/system should find this feature quite helpful. Before, you had to keep track of several events to sync subscription state and some cases were not covered, like setting access level manually from Adapty CRM. Now, no matter what the source of the access level changes is, you will always receive a dedicated event for that. It can be configured in webhook integration and you can check the available properties in the docs.

Other improvements & fixes

  • More accurate revenue tracking for subscription upgrades
  • Improved loading speed of the chart filters
  • Fixed users search in CRM
  • Adapty Unity SDK is almost done; let me know if you’d like to use it in your apps
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