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Sergey Zubkov

Updated: July 27, 2023

4 min read


What is Flutter

Flutter is a freely available framework developed by Google that enables the creation of cross-platform applications that are natively compiled using a single codebase. Using Dart – a Flutter coding language, Flutter facilitates the development of applications for both Android and iOS devices.

How Flutter works

In the past, there was a dilemma between choosing to develop universal mobile apps or native apps. Universal apps utilized web technologies like HTML and JavaScript, which often underperformed on mobile devices. Native apps, on the other hand, performed better because they were written separately for each platform, but they were costly and required a specialized development team for each platform.

However, with the advent of Flutter technology, this issue has been resolved. Flutter has addressed the challenge of creating two separate codebases for native iOS and Android apps, significantly reducing development time and costs. With Flutter, it’s easier to reach a broader audience worldwide while also enhancing the user experience with a native look and feel.

Additionally, Flutter includes a headless testing framework that enables app testing on devices without a UI. This feature is beneficial for automating app testing procedures.

How to use the Adapty SDK for Flutter

Every payment plugin, including the Adapty Flutter SDK, acts as a wrapper around native libraries such as StoreKit and Billing Library. In the case of the Adapty SDK, it wraps around our proprietary Adapty iOS and Android SDK libraries.

To begin using Adapty, you must first add the adapty_flutter library to your project and configure your app to work with Adapty by adding the AdaptyPublicSdkKey flag with your public SDK key. You can then activate the SDK by calling the Adapty.identify method, which retrieves the user’s ID and sends it to the subscription and analytics systems to assign events to this profile. You can also locate your clients by customerUserId in Profiles.

Adapty records error messages and other essential data to assist you in comprehending what is happening. Learn how to configure Adapty SDK for Flutter here.

Flutter for mobile app development

In today’s fast-paced and highly competitive mobile app industry, selecting the right technology is a critical factor for success. Opting for a language or framework with inadequate performance could significantly reduce your chances of success.

Flutter was introduced in 2018 and quickly gained popularity. Today, it is widely used by both small companies and large brands such as, Abbey Road Studios, and The New York Times. For smaller brands, Flutter is an ideal tool for creating an app MVP, testing product ideas, and presenting them to investors, even with limited resources. Flutter’s features, widgets, and vignettes are showcased in the Flutter Gallery app, providing a quick overview and demo of its capabilities.

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