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In-App Event

In-App Event

Sergey Zubkov

Updated: July 27, 2023

3 min read


In-app events 

In-app events refer to activities that users perform on an app post-installation. These activities may consist of playing games, making purchases, adding items to shopping carts, or completing tutorials, among other things.

Types of mobile application events

In-app events vary in frequency and importance. Some mobile application events are considered standard and occur in all apps, such as flipping through screens, tapping on tabs, or viewing content. Others are higher in value, such as completing tutorials, registering an account, sharing the app with friends, or engaging for extended periods. Finally, there are extremely valuable events like purchases, which are critical for app monetization.

Typically, mobile app developers categorize in-app events into two primary types:

  • Standard in-app events, which include actions like registration, adding items to a cart, making purchases, and opening the app.
  • Rich in-app events, which encompass more engaging activities, such as achieving levels, completing tutorials, inviting other users, and sharing on social media.

In-app event tracking 

Analytics for in-app events can be considered the mobile equivalent of website analytics. They provide valuable insights into user behavior, customer journeys, and areas where users may be encountering issues or avoiding certain features.

In order to identify and retain loyal users, app developers track and monitor in-app events to measure app performance, identify trends, and optimize the user experience. This is particularly important in the age of privacy and SKAdNetwork, where it’s crucial to quickly identify events that are predictive of high-LTV users and evaluate the future value of acquired user cohorts.

In-app trials, subscriptions, and purchases are essential metrics for understanding app monetization and are often set as KPIs for increasing monetization efforts. Adapty provides detailed analytics on these metrics, allowing app developers to track conversion rates and understand how app installs convert to in-app events. The Conversion section of the Adapty dashboard displays various types of conversions within the cadence of installs, trials, and subscriptions over different time periods.

Additionally, Adapty enables tracking of events related to in-app issues such as entering grace periods, billing issues, and refunds.

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