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Adapty October update 

Vitaly Davydov

Updated: February 23, 2023


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Winter is coming, but at least, 2020 will end soon. While we’re are preparing a big update, in October we boosted our SDKs and improved the entire service performance

​Custom JSON in paywalls

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Now you can test any kind of information with your paywalls, not limited to offers. Easily pass any data to the app along with paywall, just like remote config in Firebase. Want to change background image, texts, views? JSON will help you.
More cases

New events: refunds and pauses


Get unique events when subscription/in-app is refunded. Available out of the box including integrations. And yeah, subscription paused event is added for Android (yeap, it’s possible to *pause* subscription on Android).
All events

Apple Search Ads integration

Finally, we can automatically collect Apple Search Ads attribution data. Now you can see which campaign the user came from right in the profiles in Adapty and, for example, make Segments based on them.

Access levels

access level in adapty

Create as many access levels as you like without technical support. Easy to implement tiered subscriptions like Pro, Pro +, Super Pro, etc.
Check access levels

And some more:

  • Cohorts are now Segments. We believe it’s a more convenient naming and, yeah, we’re preparing something for future 😉
  • iOS 14 100% support including AppsFlyer & Adjust.
  • Promo Campaign stats fixed.

Adapty SDK is 100% Open Source with MIT license, so you can use it even without Adapty. Please support us with a ⭐ on Github

screenshot from github

All SDKs:

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