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Adapty March Update: Dashboard, macOS, and Data Compression

Vitaly Davydov

Updated: January 25, 2023


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With warm days on their way, so is the new Adapty release.

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New Dashboard, Filters, and Metrics

Dashboard is different now. Previously, you had all metrics in one place, but you couldn’t dive into any of them. The new Dashboard is different.

Now, each metric is separated by category and has its own page. The table view is also available.

Also, here are some new metrics:

  • New Subscriptions — New (first-time activated) subscriptions without subscription renewals.
  • Renewed Subscriptions — Subscription renewals segmented by renewal number, where the 1st renewal is a renewal to the second subscription period. Does not include trial conversion or first-time activated subscriptions.
new Adapty dashboard
Renewed subscriptions help understand a “long tail” of subscriptions

We understand that some of you are missing the old Dashboard. No worries, it’ll be back soon refreshed.

Filters are now more compact and much easier to use:

new filters in Adapty
Minimal filters save space and give more clarity

Cohorts improvements

new cohorts in adapty
Day-Day cohorts
  1. Adapty shows the total install count for a given Cohort.
  2. The total column has been improved and shows the combined figure for all metrics.
  3. Day-Day cohorts are now unlocked!
  4. We’ve tuned export to CSV. Note that you may need to change the column type in Microsoft Excel as different locale interpreters have different default formats.

Raw Subscription Events Forwarding

scheme of raw data flow from apple/google to your server through adapty

Migrating to Adapty and want to leave your BI as-is? Now it’s possible to catch two, just set up a forwarding and Adapty will proxy raw events from Apple and Google to your URL.

MacOS Support

macos + adapty

In beta now, install via Adapty iOS SDK. It shares the same API design.


  1. Profile ID is now a part of each event in the Event Feed. Copy and search for a user in Profiles.
  2. Data compression has been implemented for all SDKs.
  3. We’ve improved Flutter SDK offline behavior.
  4. App deletion! Now you can do it yourself in App Settings.
  5. Privacy improvements. If a user opt-out of sharing data, Adapty SDK won’t collect anything.
  6. Around a hundred tiny UI improvements (97, to be exact)

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— Adapty team ❤️

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