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March updates: Remote Config upgrade, Stripe on the Free plan, and more

Sergey Zubkov

April 4, 2024

4 min read


March updates 2

March was a busy time for the Adapty team in terms of preparation for major updates and improvements that are going to be released later this spring. Nevertheless, this month we released some helpful updates and even published a fresh case study on migration to Adapty from a competitor’s solution. So check out what was new with Adapty in March and stay tuned for bigger updates in the following months!

The Stripe integration is available on the Free plan


One of the main updates of the month is the Stripe integration becoming available for everyone using Adapty, even on the Free plan. Check out our previous post to see what this integration is about or dive right into the docs to learn how you can connect Stripe to Adapty right now.

Remote config UI/UX updates

We keep on making the interface of Adapty more convenient and user-friendly for everyone. This time we focused on enhancing the remote config feature, which received a handful of updates. Here’s what was added:

  • Auto-completing strings and dictionaries (e.g. symbols like {, [, " will get corresponding closing symbols (}, ], ").
  • Auto-indentation for nested objects (e.g. when you type { and press Enter, you not only switch to the next string but also add a new indent before the cursor).
  • Object and array folding is now available.
  • The keys are no longer sorted alphabetically. Before, the key ordering in the final JSON file could differ from the order in the remote config field.

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The daily view limit increased 

image 1

The capabilities of our analytics dashboards allow for advanced filtering, including setting custom date ranges. Many of our customers prefer using segmentation by Day to see the most detailed graph for the selected date range. Due to the popularity of this segmentation method, we decided to double the limit of the days that can be viewed at once from 92 to 184. So now you can view how this or that metric changed from day to day for up to 6 months.

image 2

Vision OS and StoreKit 2 support for iOS SDK

We’re continuing to update and improve our SDKs for every platform. The new version of iOS SDK (2.10.0) can now boast even more profound support of StoreKit 2, as we’re steadily moving away from supporting StoreKit 1. Two important things need to be pointed out:

  • The storeKit2Usage parameter has been removed from the .activate method. 
  • Adapty SDK now utilizes the StoreKit 2 method for introductory offer eligibility checks if available.

Another awesome news is that Adapty SDK for iOS now supports visonOS! This functionality is currently in beta, but you can already try it out with your visonOS apps and leave your feedback for future improvements. 

Courtesy of Apple

New case study on migration to Adapty


We’re planning to dedicate this year to covering more interesting and helpful cases of our clients growing and achieving new heights with Adapty. To start off, we’re sharing a story of Impala Studios who decided to migrate to Adapty from a competitor’s solution they weren’t satisfied with. Learn about their reasons for migration, how the whole process was handled by the Adapty team, and which results the Impala team managed to achieve after integrating Adapty. Check the case study here.

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