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Winter holiday updates: Stripe, faster analytics, and much more!

Sergey Zubkov

Updated: January 29, 2024

4 min read


Stripe 1

We’re back from the holidays with some new and exciting updates. During the first two months of winter, the Adapty tech team focused on enhancing the analytics infrastructure and adding a couple of more features for the convenience of our users. Let’s have a look at the first significant Adapty updates in 2024!

Analytics load speed improved

image 2

We’re thrilled to say that most Adapty charts now load up to 5x faster! With the reworked calculation logic under the hood, our request duration has dropped to under 1 second. This means you get your dashboard data from our database quicker than ever. 

We’re constantly improving our charts to help teams get insights faster and easier. The Cohorts, Funnels, and Conversions charts are next in line to be sped up, so stay tuned!

Just a reminder that Adapty’s basic subscription Analytics is completely free for everyone, so make sure to try it yourself.

Mobile view optimization


To bring even more clarity to the UI and UX of Adapty, we’ve optimized it to look more user-friendly in the mobile format. Now you can always check on your app metrics from your smartphone with more convenience when you’re not around your computer.

Stripe support has been added

Strip int

Yes, Adapty now supports Stripe! With this integration, Adapty now enables tracking web payments and subscriptions made with Stripe. If your product is available on the web, this feature can help:

  • Granting automatic access to paid features for users who bought on the web and later logged in to the app.
  • Consolidating subscription analytics in the Adapty dashboard, including cohorts, predictions, and other analytics tools.

Note: The integration is currently in Beta with some limitations, but it’s capable of carrying out popular scenarios. Find more details on how to integrate Stripe in our docs.

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New dashboard added – Overview


Overview is a new analytics dashboard that shows several metric charts for all of your apps on one screen. The board can be customized to display only the metrics you find relevant. Access Overview wherever you go, thanks to the optimized mobile version of the dashboard. 

Learn more about the customization and controls of the dashboard.

Subscription event feed in Slack 


Slack is a workplace messenger used by numerous app development companies on a daily basis and it’s finally got its integration with Adapty. Now you can receive subscription event notifications right into Slack in one feed. It’s a great way to keep the finger on the pulse of what’s going on with your app revenue. 

Access level sharing reworked

SHare 2

By default, the access level is always shared on the same device even for different customer user IDs. It means that anonymous and identified users can share the same access level provided by Adapty if the app store on their device is under the same Apple/Google ID. It’s usually helpful for the case where the user re-installs the app and logs in under a different account – they will still have access to their purchases.

Now in Adapty, you can disable sharing purchases between user accounts if you’d like to restrict access only to one ID and prevent the cases where two or more people may use the same purchases on one device.

Find out how this works and what happens when this option is disabled in our documentation.

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