Adapty September update
new adapty update

Adapty September update

Vitaly Davydov
Vitaly Davydov

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Christmas is coming soon and people will buy more. Seems like a good reason to deploy a gift subscription in your app!
Down to business, new in Adapty in September update👇​

​1️⃣ New interface

We redesigned the interface from scratch. 30% more usable space (we really measured it), charts are better and cleaner, less empty space. Tied up titles and interface texts.

2️⃣ Teammates

Add any number of colleagues to your company in Adapty. There's one owner with access to billing and unlimited number of general users.

Open account settings, scroll down and add teammates

3️⃣ Warnings

When messing up with access tokens, keys or certificates, a small typo can break some features. In this case, we’ll show you a warning and send you an email.

Warning in the interface are just about everything

4️⃣ Promo Campaigns for Android

Sending promotional discounts now also on Android. For instance, sell to freemium users or return churned subscribers. Also, sandbox mode is available for debugging campaigns on development builds

Android promo campaigns creation


Adapty team celebrating b-day

— Adapty Team