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Adapty June Updates: funnels, paywall visits export to Amazon S3, Adjust OAuth, and hiring!

Kirill Potekhin

Updated: February 16, 2023


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We are so happy to start our summer collection of new features with such a beautiful chart as sales funnels. Yes, one may watch it as a real piece of art because a funnel gives the whole picture of how an app works with users. But at the same time this is a structure of core parameters which may seriously boost your product growth. How can one benefit from it? There are three highlights: 

  1. Inspect the conversion and drop off rates between the steps of your funnel. 
  2. Use filters and segmentation to find insights, create and check hypotheses to find which steps in which products for which segments can be a point of change. 
  3. Learn the reasons that cause your users to churn and work around them to reduce the drop off.

We believe you’ll enjoy the funnels, feel free to share your experience in our community.

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Paywall visits export to Amazon S3

Amazon S3 is a mighty service offering industry-leading scalability, data availability, security, and performance. We know that you already use Adapty integration with S3 for advanced work with data, analysis, and forecasting. So we’re happy to enlarge the functionality with the paywall visits export from Adapty to S3. You’ll find the export interface on your S3 integration page in the Adapty menu. Switch to the paywall visits tab, set access key ID, secret access key, the bucket name, and get the automatic daily data transfer to your S3 account. If you need a manual export of historical data, set also the period, push the button – and in a couple of minutes you’ll see the first transferred files in your S3. Data is sent as separate files containing daily content. You’ll see the recent exported files at the same page in Adapty to track the process. And it works the same way for the events tab.         

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Adjust OAuth token

We discuss data usage with you and see that one of the most vital things is security. Being attentive to your needs, Adapty now has an upgraded Adjust integration with OAuth token. Now the requests from the server have additional protection for your data safety. Use OAuth token only if you enabled Server-to-server (S2S) Security in Adjust.

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There are also some small but important feature improvements in June. 

Now while creating a custom segment you can choose any country from the full list instead of choosing from those you already have in your app. This lets you target new regions that haven’t been covered yet and expand freely.

Another pleasant enhancement concerns device mapping. Now devices are named with friendly-readable model names (e.g. iPhone 13 Pro), not number codes (e.g. iPhone14,2). The update of new models now also takes place on the server side, so there’s no need to renew the SDK to have all the devices data up to date.   

Tech teammates wanted!

Today there are 30 of us in the Adapty team. We are so diverse and happy to complement each other with strong expertise and respect, delivering value to thouthands of mobile app businesses. Due to rapid growth we are ready to welcome two more teammates to the tech department. Take a look at these vacancies, maybe you or your friend would be glad to join Adapty to grow together.

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