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№ 1 app in health & fitness in the App Store

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№ 1 app in health & fitness in the App Store
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№ 1 app in health & fitness in the App Store

The third episode of our SubHub podcast is live now! As usual, we have invited an extraordinary guest to talk about the business of mobile apps: subscriptions and monetization, hypothesis testing, product fit, and more.

This time we are accompanied by Andrey Mikhailyuk, a VP of Product at Flo. Flo is the #1 app in the Health and Fitness category with more than 170m installs and 40m MAU.

We had an insightful conversation on:

  • running product experiments;
  • managing mobile paywall creation with multiple teams;
  • personalizing Flo user experience;
  • what is a curiosity gap, and how it's better than a "hooked" model;
  • how 90 days subscription free trial can be profitable;
  • launching an app with $5k

The episode is already available on all popular platforms (in Russian).



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Nadya Pominova
Nadya Pominova
July 27, 2021