Adapty August Update: S3 integration, Tech Tutorials, New Podcasts

Vitaly Davydov

September 2, 2021


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This update is more about content which is super useful for measuring and optimizing app economy. But one more cool thing


Kubernetes: Why, When and How. - Kubes&Clouds
Life is not easy

Blog updates and podcasts

Top-5 advanced mobile subscription metrics — some non-trivial subscriptions metrics which can tell more about your app.

We’ve published two new episodes of the SubHub podcast:

  1. Podcast #4 with Stas from Amma, every second (!) pregnant woman uses Amma for pregrancy tracking. Learn how to monetize an app with B2B sales.
  2. Podcast #5 with Hrachik from Wakie, it helps meet new people and make them less lonely. Learn how to grow organically and go to YC.
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SubHub Podcast

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Product updates

  • New onboarding. Plug’n’play Adapty is getting easier and more transparent.
  • In MRR, ARPPU, Active Subscriptions charts we’ve fixed Total column.
  • AWS S3 events export! Not in the interface yet, write us to turn it on.
  • Fallback Paywalls work with full offline once received from server.

— Adapty team ❤️