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Paywall Newsletter #2

Nadya Pominova

Updated: April 18, 2023

4 min read


opengraph 2

This is the second issue of the paywall newsletter with: landing page-like paywalls, trial toggles, videos, and more commented on by our special guest.

Thomas Kriebernegg, App Radar

Paywalls of the issue are commented by…

Thomas Kriebernegg, Managing Director and a co-founder of App Radar

Let’s have a look at guys who got into the newsletter this time!

Napper that lets users scroll as long as they can

an example of a mobile app paywall design by Napper from Health&Fitness category

I’m a big fan of long paywalls because they are more than just sales screens, I’d consider them full-scale landing pages.

Napper shows a clear pricing structure followed by the Apple’s featuring info, some social proof, and a comparison table of the free and paid versions, to highlight what you get after you’ve paid.


Lensa, that lets users decide if they want a trial

Providing an optional trial via a toggle might be a good idea, to convince people to give it a try, who otherwise might not take the subscription.

However, the current paywall doesn’t highlight any reasons or benefits of upgrading besides “Activate Full Access”.

I think this is left out potential and could maybe added to the bottom of the page, to not disturb the otherwise clean style of the screen.


mobile paywall design using trial toggle by lensa
mobile paywall example with trial toggle on by lensa

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BeautyPlus that makes users do the math

A discount can be a good leverage to convince people to go for the subscription who otherwise might not do it.

However, at least I am having a hard time understanding how the 80% discount is calculated. No matter which price I look at, I never get to 80% discount.

In my eyes this is a dark UX pattern and should be avoided, since it might scare off people, because they think they could get even a better offer then the one described.


beauty plus — mobile paywall example by the app from Photo&Video category

Asana Rebel shows users people, but not the app

mobile paywall design by Asana Rebel, Health&Fitness Category

Having a video on the paywall can be a big booster for the conversion rate. However, besides only showing kind of stock images, it would be beneficial to also show the app, especially the awesome features that you unlock when you go for the paid version.

Asana Rebel

Camera Scanner that tests users’ attentiveness

Nice highlighting of the benefits you get with the subscription. However, the very high price is quite hidden and also the Continue button is a bit misleading.

Looking at the revenue of the app, I think we can state that the app is good in generating money, but if you also look at the reviews, you see, that most of it will come from the grey-hat optimization of the paywall screen.

Camera Scanner

mobile paywall design example by Camera Scanner from Business Category

Babbel that is being transparent and nice

a mobile paywall design by Babbel, an app from Education Category

I like the clean style of the paywall which also highlights the benefits of the subscription as well as gives a good overview of the different subscription possibilities.


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