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October updates: Free Paywall Builder, Braze integration, and more

Sergey Zubkov

Updated: November 22, 2023

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October turned out to be another prolific month for the Adapty team. The second month of fall was dedicated to further improvements of the Paywall Builder, UI and UX updates of the placement system, as well as the addition of new integrations. More details below!

Paywall Builder is now free and available for all platforms

Yes, you’ve read it right, our recently enhanced Paywall Builder is now available on the Free plan for everyone! It means that once you’ve installed Adapty SDK, you can immediately start creating native paywalls in our visual no-code editor. Make a profitable paywall in just a few steps:

  • Choose one of the numerous high-quality templates.
  • Adjust images, text, buttons, colors, and more to your liking.
  • Publish the paywall right away or start an A/B test.

The Paywall Builder is available on all supported mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Flutter, React Native, Unity), so go ahead and see how it can improve your app’s economy. Check the docs or install the SDK for your app’s platform.


Real-time localization preview in the Paywall Builder

With the improved localization feature for the remote config that we mentioned in the September digest, we’re thrilled to present an even more convenient localization tool for the paywalls made with our Paywall Builder. 

By selecting Localizations in the dashboard of the Paywall Builder, you’ll get to a new area where you can add multiple locales for your future paywall. Every locale is broken down into strings of text for a corresponding paywall element, which makes the localization process much easier and transparent. Once the translations are added, you can go back to the previous editing area and select the locale you want to check to preview it on the mockup of your paywall. Note that the Paywall Builder’s localization feature is available on the plans starting with Pro and higher.


It’s worth mentioning that filling in product info has also been made easier with tag variables. When texts for your products contain a tag variable from our list, our SDK uses the pre-fetched localized data from the stores to put it in place of a tag. Tag variables allow you to rely on the data obtained directly from the store to localize such strings — so titles and prices will always be correct. Find the full list of variables and instructions on how to work with them here.

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Editing of live paywalls improved

We’ve made the process of editing and duplicating live paywalls much more convenient and clear. In order to reduce the amount of unnecessary manual work and get rid of the cluttered interface as result, we’ve changed a few basic settings. 

First of all, more transparency was added to the saving process of a paywall. So, the saving buttons are now more transparent in the changes they’re supposed to make – for example, “Save & publish” for a new paywall became “Create as draft”.

Secondly, applying changes to a live paywall now doesn’t require you to manually replace the old version of the paywall in all the affected placements with a new one. You still have to duplicate the paywall, but when saving changes, you’ll get a pop-up window where you can see all the placements and audiences affected. You are able to choose which placements you’d like the original paywall to be replaced in with checkboxes. You may proceed to create a new paywall and replace the original or create this one as a draft.

image 5

Braze and Singular integrations

The list of 3rd-party integrations has grown by two more services in October: Singular and Braze

Braze is a top customer engagement solution that provides a wide range of tools for push notifications, email, SMS, and in-app messaging. By integrating Adapty with Braze, you can easily access all of your subscription events in one place, giving you the ability to trigger automated communication based on those events. Learn how to easily integrate it with Adapty and start tracking subscription events in your Braze dashboard.

image 3

Singular – a powerful service for mobile attribution and marketing analytics has now been integrated with Adapty for your convenience. This integration allows you to track subscription events in Singular and analyze precisely how much revenue your campaigns generate. Learn how to set it up in our docs.

image 2

Billing Library v5+ support for Unity

We’re glad to say that Unity SDK now supports the new versions (5 and 6) of the Google Play Billing Library starting with 2.7.0. Find more details on changes and cross-platform SDK migration in the documentation.

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