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Adapty November Updates: Charts Performance, Subscriptions Report

Adapty November Updates: Charts Performance, Subscriptions Report
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What a month! We finished our two long projects: charts on ClickHouse and State of Subscriptions Report. I’m glad to share our results!

Faster charts

In the last update I promised you better performance in charts in the future. This future is now :) All charts are now on ClickHouse and they are up to 20 times faster. Oh and now you can also plot charts by day, week, month etc.

Better S3 Integration

We’ve made a number of improvements to our AWS S3 Integration. Now you can see all saved files and you’re able to manually trigger file upload for any selected date.

State of iOS in-app subscriptions Report

We’ve analyzed a lot of data and released our first in-app subscriptions report! Inside you’ll find benchmarks and analytics for LTV, free trials, subscriptions, and billing issues. Check it out to compare your app against the market!

New podcast episode

The guest of SubHub Podcast #9 is a talent app developer Sergey Ovseenko. Being 23yo he managed to build a marketing company with 45 employees and $1.5 MRR from mobile apps.

Discount for ASO tools

Our partners from Asodesk have a sale and giving up to 40% off their tools. Check it out!

Nikita Maidanov
Nikita Maidanov