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Adapty October Update: Members and Roles, Faster Charts

Nikita Maidanov

Updated: February 24, 2023


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During this October we focused on quality of life features and performance.

Members and roles

Completely new members system. New roles: Admin, Viewer and Support. Owners and Admins can also specify apps access for new members.

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Members with the Admin role have full access to the chosen applications. They can manage members of those applications.

Members with the Viewer role have read-only access to the chosen applications. They cannot create or modify paywalls, A/B tests, etc.

And finally members with the Support role have access only to user profiles in chosen applications. They cannot add new users or view any other sections of Adapty.

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Faster Revenue chart

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We’re moving our charts to ClickHouse, and first results are in. Revenue chart is now *20x faster*. You can check it yourself, all grouping operations, ranges, filters are now almost instant. You’ll see more performance improvements like this in a coming weeks. Oh and we also made filters design a little cleaner 🙂

Better errors

Now all errors can be seen in Home section. Don’t sleep on them! If you have any questions feel free to contact support via chat.

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Blog updates and podcasts

We’ve published two articles and new english-speaking episode of the SubHub podcast:

1.  Analytics on mobile market from Adapty founder. Are 3rd party payments in iOS apps as beneficial as they seem?
2. Next chapter in our Android in-apps guide: server-side purchase validation
3. Podcast #8 with Thomas Petit aka @Thomasbcn. Thomas told us about his professional path, shared his thoughts on 3rd party payments, cryptocurrency, and subscription fatigue.

Listen on every platform.
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We also prepared some interesting statistics for you, so check out our blog during next week!

— Adapty team ❤️

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