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Adapty November update

Vitaly Davydov

Updated: February 16, 2023


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While we’re preparing for a huge release with A/B testing and analytics, we decided to release an intermediate update which increases interface speed many times.

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Updated Segments

Segments is a core feature of Adapty. Group users and use it as

  • A filter for analytics;
  • Targeting for A/B testing;
  • Targeting for promo campaigns.

Segments have become much faster and thus positively affected all interface.

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Segments in Adapty

Create a Segment

Read below how it works.

Apple Search Ads keyword as a filter

Use ASA keywords as a filer in Analytics and attributes for Segments. For example, create a segment of users who came from fitness keyword and you’re ready to go. Find filter right into Filter -> Attribution -> Keywords. And don’t forget to active ASA integration in your SDK.
Open analytics

Analytics dashboard in Adapty

More tech things

  1. Trial events now have revenue param.
  2. Datetime added to all event sent to Facebook Ads integration.
  3. Custom payload for paywalls increased to 2000 symbols.
  4. iOS and Android SDK are now in sync with naming convention.
  5. iOS and Android errors and now standardized.

How to work with new Segments?

Essentially, nothing has changed, but a couple of thing to keep in mind:

  1. Segments recalculated each time you hit SAVE. So when you add new attribute you won’t get immediate preview of your Segment. Just save it and it’ll recalculated.
Segments in Adapty

If you have tens of millions of users it may take up to 10 minutes to recalculate a Segment.

  1. When a Segment is updating and you open it you’ll see
  2. The interface will be unlocked as soon as segment is updated.
Segments in Adapty

That’s it, stay tuned!

— Vitaly

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