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June updates: LTV chart, paywall builder for Flutter and React Native, & more

Sergey Zubkov

July 5, 2023

6 min read


How to predict revenue and LTV of your subscription based app 1 1

Despite summer being the time of vacation and relaxation for most people, we’re proud to share the results of our diligent June work which consists of several major updates and a few useful fixes.

LTV chart

The biggest and most anticipated update of the month is the introduction of a brand-new LTV chart

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The main purpose of this chart is to provide information on the average revenue generated per each paying customer. It works with the app data gathered with the help of our SDK and in-app events. LTV is calculated using the total revenue generated from each customer cohort, minus refunds. 

We developed the LTV chart to address important questions about your app’s revenue and customer behavior. It helps: 

  • Determine the total revenue brought in by each customer cohort throughout their lifetime with your app.
  • Identify the point in time when a customer group becomes profitable. 
  • Optimize your app’s marketing and acquisition strategies to attract valuable customers with high LTV.
  • Estimate the time required to recover the investment made in acquiring new customers.

The data can be segmented by country, attribution, and other variables, giving you a more granular understanding of your customer base.

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This LTV chart is closely tied with the cohorts, which enables you to not only sort the view by renewals or by days, but also clearly see the detailed data for actual cohorts, grouped by day, week, month, or year. 

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Find out more information about the calculations and working process of the LTV panel in our docs.

Paywall builder for Flutter and React Native

We’re happy to announce that our paywall builder now supports apps created with Flutter and React Native! To refresh a little, Adapty’s paywall builder is a visual constructor that enables you to design and implement native paywalls in a couple of minutes – with no designer or developer involved. Check out our fresh tutorial on how to easily create paywalls with the paywall builder to learn more about this handy instrument.

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Although it requires a short initial integration of Adapty UI, once it’s done, the editor can be operated by just one person who can create as many paywalls as they want and test them right away. Come to our Git Hub to find the latest versions of Adapty UI for Flutter and React Native.

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Observer mode for StoreKit 2

Another pleasant update comes for the Observer mode as it now fully works with StoreKit 2. Back in the day, the Observer mode didn’t work for our older SDK if the client was using StoreKit 2, but it’s not an issue anymore. To provide more context, the Observer mode enables you to use Adapty SDK in a limited way, but at the same time providing you with full analytics capabilities, including integrations with attribution systems, advanced Analytics, and the Profiles CRM. It’s easy to integrate and can be used alongside some other purchase infrastructure you may be using. So, if you’re new to Adapty, check how to set up the Observer mode here.

A few minor, yet useful fixes

  • Amplitude integration now supports EU data centers.
  • A bug was fixed for the Firebase integration involving an incorrect “value” expression. After the fix, the “value” field should start populating for the new events. Depending on the status of the “Report proceeds” checkbox, the “value” field will contain either proceeds or price. This will be expressed either in USD or in the local currency, as determined by the state of the “Report user’s currency” checkbox.
  • A new caching mechanism was added to the analytics system that would cache charts and analytics on the client’s side. This should help improve the speed of the analytics chart and provide better caching.

We’re also looking for a Product Lead

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Adapty was created as a product from developers for developers. Having 3 significant components in its core (5 SDKs, API, and an admin panel) makes Adapty a truly professional tool. We’ve designed the product to be easy and intuitive to handle, having hidden all the complex implementations under the hood.

Our customer base expanded rapidly over the last 12 months, which leads us to grow our features. We continue to make sure our customers are happy with our product and motivate them to use its full potential.

That’s why we’re looking for a strong Product Lead who can help us build the best solution for our customers. If you feel interested in growing an in-app purchase infrastructure, subscription BI, and paywall builder as one product, we’re eagerly waiting for your response.

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