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Adapty updates in June: Paywall Builder 3.0 and 2024 subscription report

Sergey Zubkov

July 11, 2024

8 min read


June 2024

So far, summer’s been a pretty busy time for the whole Adapty team. Apart from the Adapty Conf that took place on June 13th in Warsaw, both product and marketing teams had been working on important projects that were released at the very beginning of July:

Let’s take a close look at each of these projects and see how you can benefit from them.

What’s new in Paywall Builder 3.0

Adapty’s Paywall Builder has been helping hundreds of developers quickly and easily create high-quality paywalls for more than a year now. Over this period, we’ve been constantly improving it by adding new features and enhancing its UI. The 3.0 update takes paywall creation to the next level of convenience and creative freedom. Let’s take a look at what this update consists of and why it’s high time you started using it.


A new approach to building paywalls

Paywall Builder 2.0 brought a bunch of game-changer features including localization, preview for devices, and, most importantly, a library of paywall templates that could be further customized to your needs. The 3.0 version takes the step even further by enabling you to create paywalls basically from scratch. 

The core feature of the update is the free deeply customizable layout that allows creating the very paywall you have in mind. The layout is composed of native system elements which overall result in a 100% native paywall

A new vertical layout hierarchy

The vertical hierarchy of components directly corresponds to the paywall preview and allows you to quickly and easily navigate the layout. New elements are added by clicking the “+ Add element” button and then can be dragged up and down the vertical to the desired spot. 

geenral2 1
The overall look of Paywall Builder 3.0

It’s still possible to choose among the pre-composed paywall templates, which are based on those of the most popular and profitable apps, and edit them to your liking. However, if you want to have more of a blank canvas experience, we recommend selecting one of the “clean” templates (for a white or black theme) with only a basic structure you can start with. 

Template 1
Paywall Builder offers numerous popular paywall templates

It’s worth noting that the builder now supports long paywalls and scrolls. So if you wanted to create a landing page-inspired paywall that would mention all the app premium features, social proof, store awards, customer reviews, and anything else you can think of – it’s now just a matter of your creativity.

ezgif 2 faf5b5a5ac
A scrollable paywall

Widgets to build with

The new free layout system allows you to add multiple widgets and even nest them to compose more complex elements. The basic elements remained the same – text, images, lists (of features), products, legal links, buttons – only now you can add more than one and freely move them up and down the vertical.

However, a few new widgets have been added, and they deserve a little more focus on:

Card – adds an entity that can be filled in with images, text, list, or timer. It’s the best way to add a unique block of information, like social proof or app awards.

A social proof example: the card has an image nested inside

Timer – adds a countdown timer that may be used to show the limited time of a special offer on your paywall. This widget has flexible adjustment possibilities and can be placed in any part of your paywall.

Easily align, style, and set the format of the timer display

Toggle – adds a switch element that you can use to enable or disable the free trial offer on your paywall. From the monetization perspective, using toggle switches may drastically improve your revenue and conversion rates, so it’s a great element to experiment with.

Example of a free trial toggle

Carousel – adds a slider element that can combine images and text, best used for placing user reviews. Each slide consists of a separate card element. The carousel supports auto-scroll with precise timing adjustments. 

User review slider made of a carousel with several cards nested inside

Migration and versioning

Paywall Builder 3.0 is currently available for iOS and requires the newest Adapty SDK 3.0.0. Note that there’s no backward compatibility, so once you switch to the latest SDK version, all the paywalls created using earlier versions of Paywall Builder must be migrated. But don’t worry, this can be done in just one click.

Find more information on new features and improvements of Paywall Builder 3.0 in our documents section.

2024 subscription benchmarks and insights

Get your free copy of our latest subscription report to stay ahead in 2024.

The “State of in-app subscriptions 2024” report

Another important update comes from the marketing perspective – we’re proud to share our fresh report on the state of mobile in-app subscriptions for the period 2023-2024. 

State of subscriptions 2024

This comprehensive research dives deep into the latest benchmarks and trends in mobile subscriptions, providing the insights you need to stay competitive and optimize your app’s growth strategy.

Here’s a quick look at what you’ll find inside:

The US remains the largest market for in-app subscription sales


In 2024, the US holds more than half of the whole mobile subscription market – 50.5%.

The weekly subscription market share is now over 55%


It grew more than 15% in comparison with 2022 when the share for the weekly subscription was 36.8%.

2- and 3-product paywalls are the most popular ones


Both of these paywalls show almost identical numbers, while the 1-product paywall is almost 10% less popular.

The report features only must-have data in 2024:

  • iOS Subscription Benchmarks: Get the latest data on LTV, retention, renewals, refund rates, and price changes across the US, EU, LATAM, and APAC regions.
  • Top-Performing Paywalls: Discover which paywalls are driving the most revenue and why.
  • Cheat Sheets: Access summarized information on subscription types and regional benchmarks to quickly grasp key insights.
  • Expert Analysis: Leverage insights from industry experts to boost your app’s revenue and retention.
  • Market Trends: Stay ahead of the competition by understanding the latest trends and shifts in the mobile app subscription landscape. 

Whether you’re looking to optimize your current subscription model or explore new opportunities, this report is your go-to resource. Make sure to grab your free copy!

Join the discussion of the report at the upcoming webinar

As a follow-up to the report release, we’d like to invite you to join our webinar dedicated to discussion and understanding of the research data and results. Make sure to get the most out of our latest research!


Date and time: July 16, 2024, 15:00 (GMT) 

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