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Adapty Conf Warsaw 2024: Unlocking app growth

Sergey Zubkov

Updated: July 1, 2024

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Another Adapty Conf is past us, and we’re thrilled to share a recap of this exclusive app growth event. This summer, we hosted our conference in the beautiful city of Warsaw. It was a remarkable day filled with insights, networking, and exciting discussions that brought together some of the brightest minds in the mobile app industry. 

Here’s Adapty Conf Warsaw in numbers:

Let’s take a look at the highlights and re-live the events of that day once again!

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Engaging sessions and announcements

The event kicked off with a series of enlightening sessions focused on mobile growth strategies, subscription models, and user retention techniques. 150 attendees had the opportunity to learn directly from industry leaders and experts who shared their insights and best practices. 

The speakers shared their knowledge on the latest trends and effective strategies for app growth. The sessions covered a range of topics from advanced paywall strategies to the future of mobile app subscriptions. 

image 6
Vitaly Davydov, the CEO of Adapty, shared the latest Adapty updates and fresh insights on the state of the subscription market in 2024

Vitaly Davydov, the CEO of Adapty, gave the opening word by mentioning Adapty’s latest accomplishments and product innovations, like Paywall Builder 3.0 that’s becoming available in July. The new version gets full native support and offers a free layout with numerous widgets to compose the paywall just the way you want to.

image 28
Available on all plans in July (currently for iOS only) 

Vitaly also shared the latest insights on the app subscription market in 2024. This year, Adapty traditionally made a thorough market research having analyzed $1B in subscription revenue, 193M transactions, 55M users, and 110k paywalls. The full “State of In-App Subscriptions 2024” report is already available! Grab your free copy here!

Latam 1
A sneak preview of a cheat sheet for the LATAM subscriptions

A lot of focus at the conference was put on the web-to-app approach in user acquisition. Volha Samoilava, the Head of Marketing at Adapty, explained the importance of web-to-app and web-to-web funnels in the current state of the mobile market. Apps have been scaling their marketing spend to the web since Apple’s release of IDFA. By directing web users to the app, companies can offer a more personalized and feature-rich experience, increasing user engagement and retention. So 2024 seems like a great moment to try web funnels for your app. 

image 2
Volha Samoilava, the Head of Marketing at Adapty, explained the importance of web-to-app and web-to-web funnels

With the help of Robbie McCartney, the Head of Sales at Paddle, we also explored the critical differences between app stores and web-based payment solutions. Promoting an app via a web presence can be more cost-effective than traditional app store marketing. It allows businesses to leverage existing web traffic and convert it into app users without incurring high acquisition costs.

image 5
Robbie McCartney, the Head of Sales at Paddle, gave a detailed presentation on web-to-app UA and web-based payment solutions

Apart from discussing web-to-app funnels, the conference saw a couple of stellar mobile app marketing presentations. Hannah Parvaz of Aperture shared the best practices for creating onboarding flows that convert. She provided insights and real-world examples of what approaches work best for potential subscribers. Insights and advice shared during the presentation received keen interest and a wide response from the audience, making it one of the most discussed topics.

image 29
The founder of Aperture, Hannah Parvaz, talked about the importance of having a decent app onboarding

We also got lucky to experience the insides of one of the popular dating apps – Feeld. Divya Gundlapalli, the Growth Product Manager of the app, gave a talk about the importance of paywall experiments and the bias challenges dating apps have to face. Apart from most dating apps, Feeld focuses on individuals, instead of relationships, and places curiosity in the center of its driving force.

image 3
Divya Gundlapalli, the Growth Product Manager at Feeld, gave a talk about curiosity experiments in their dating app

2024 subscription benchmarks and insights

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One of the most anticipated parts of the day was the hands-on workshops, where participants could dive deep into paywall optimization and real-time web funnel creation. Nathan Hudson, CEO and founder of Perceptycs, reviewed and critiqued live paywalls submitted by attendees, offering real-time feedback and suggestions for improvement. This interactive session provided invaluable insights into how small changes can significantly impact conversion rates and user engagement.

image 4
The Founder and CEO of Perceptycs, Nathan Hudson, “roasted” several app paywalls 

Another impressive workshop involved building a ready-to-use web funnel in real time. Sergey Muratov, Product Lead for Adapty and FunnelFox, demonstrated how you can create and launch a web funnel in about 30 minutes using FunnelFox. With the web-to-app approach soon becoming a new standard, it’s important to have the tools that will have your UA needs covered in this field.

Sergey 1
Sergey Muratov, the Product Lead at Adapty & FunnelFox, showed how to easily create a web funnel in 30 minutes

Panel discussion

The highlight of the official part of the event was the panel discussion that concerned app market trends and predictions for 2024-2025. The lineup of experts featured representatives from some of the biggest and most influential IT companies: Meta, NordVPN, Blinkist, Weewoo, and Aperture. We discussed the popularity of AI and Machine Learning in mobile apps, talked about the current state and trends in subscription models, and touched on AR/VR relevance.

image 7
Panel experts (left to right): Hannah Parvaz, Vasyl Sergienko, Kristian Pechovski, Evelina Gruzdzevičiūtė, and Maike Berndt. 

Networking Opportunities 

Adapty Conf provided a platform for app developers, marketers, and growth hackers to connect, share experiences, and build valuable relationships. The exclusive nature of the event allowed for meaningful conversations and collaborations that will undoubtedly lead to future innovations and partnerships. Chatting with each and every one of you was a delight!

Looking ahead

Adapty Conf Warsaw 2024 was a testament to the power of community and collaboration. The success of the event underscores the importance of bringing together like-minded professionals to share knowledge and drive the industry forward. We are already looking forward to our next event and the opportunity to connect with even more of you.

Thank you to everyone who attended and contributed to making Adapty Conf Warsaw 2024 an unforgettable experience. We’re excited to continue this journey of growth and innovation with all of you!

Best regards, The Adapty Team

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