Adapty July Update: New Segmentations, New Analytical Chart, Podcast!

Vitaly Davydov

August 2, 2021


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New things you can find in Adapty that we’ve made in July

Blog updates and podcasts

  1. StoreKit 2 — all you need to know. Including server-side implementation.

We’ve published two new episodes of the SubHub podcast with just awesome guests:

  1. Podcast #2 with Mikhail from Simple. Over $1M MRR, millions of users, tons of insides.
  2. Podcast #3 with Andrew from Flo. #1 app in health & fitness in the App Store, 140M users (!!!). Just insane
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Listen on every platform.

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Revenue segmented by a charge number (period)

mobile app metrics: subscription renewals
Revenue segmented by a charge period

Get a deep understanding of whether your revenue comes from first charges or renewals. Estimate long-term payments and how stable your subscribers base is with our updated Revenue chart.

At the same time, we released a complimentary chart Subscriptions by Payments to help you get a quantitative representation of payments.

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Google Small Business Program support

Don’t forget to apply for Google reduced tax (15% if you’re under $1M revenue per year). Tell us that you’re accepted and mark it in your Adapty App Settings. Yes, you can configure tax for each app. With such a mark Adapty will correctly calculate proceeds from your revenue.

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Mobile SDK updates

— Adapty team ❤️