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price testing

Find optimal subscription price and product with paywall A/B testing

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Test products

Configure different prices, trial periods, promo offers and more in Adapty without app releases.

  • Use your own paywall design with Adapty products' distribution
  • Build paywall design with Adapty templates without designer and developer

A/B testing

3+ steps to start with Adapty SDK

Access levels stepAccess levels

The access level allows you to provide the user with the necessary functionality within the subscription

Products stepProducts

A product is a subscription with an access level and a specified period

Paywalls stepPaywalls

Paywall is a set of products.

A/B tests stepA/B test

A/B test allows you to determine the most profitable option and find the price that performs better

All the necessary infrastructure

Target users

Target users

Run A/B testing for any group of users. For example, run test only for new users from US with iOS 13 and English language.

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Measure test results

Measure test results

Using math and statistics Adapty calculates your A/B test results for paywalls both in terms of conversion and revenue.

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Design paywalls

Design paywalls


Create beautiful paywalls and test them without app release with Templates. Match your design guidelines with customizable layouts, fonts, colors, texts and images.

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