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App Store App Analytics

App Store App Analytics

Sergey Zubkov

Updated: July 27, 2023

7 min read


What is App Store App Analytics?

App Analytics is a segment within App Store Connect that is solely focused on measuring the performance of iOS apps. It offers insights on how users interact with the app, providing crucial data on user engagement, retention, conversion rates, and revenue.

To fully comprehend your app’s performance and develop an effective app growth strategy, it’s essential to know and analyze the key metrics. With Apple App Analytics, mobile app developers can gain insights into the number of app downloads, user retention rates, frequency of app usage, and the amount of money spent on in-app purchases. This data can guide developers in making informed decisions that can enhance their app’s performance, user experience, and revenue generation.

Some specific features of App Store App Analytics include:

  • App Units

This metric within iOS app analytics covers app download analytics and shows how many times the app has been downloaded for the first time. It’s important to note that updates, re-downloads, and downloads on other devices with the same Apple ID are not counted. This metric is essential for understanding the reach of the app and for tracking its growth over time.

  • In-app purchases

Another critical metric in App Store Connect analytics is In-app purchases, which shows the number of first-time purchases made on a device. It’s important to keep in mind that returned purchases on the same or other devices are included in this metric. This metric can help developers understand how users are interacting with the app and where they are spending money.

  • The Sales Number

The Sales Number metric is also crucial, as it describes the overall sum of revenue generated through app purchases, app bundles, and in-app purchases in Apple App Store statistics. This metric only includes taxes if they were included in the App Store price. By tracking revenue over time, developers can understand the effectiveness of their monetization strategies and make informed decisions to optimize revenue.

  • Paying Users

Paying Users is another important metric, which counts the overall number of individual users who made any payment in or for the app. This includes users who bought the app or made in-app purchases. By tracking paying users, developers can understand the effectiveness of their monetization strategies and optimize revenue.

  • Active Devices 

Active Devices is a metric that counts the number of devices that started the app at least once during the selected time period. This metric only includes app users who agreed to share their data with the developer. By understanding how many devices are actively using the app, developers can track its growth and engagement.

  • Sessions

Sessions is a metric that counts how often the app has been actively opened on a device for at least two seconds. If the app is in the background and used again later, it counts as another session. This metric only counts the number of devices sharing user data. By tracking sessions, developers can understand how frequently users are engaging with the app and identify areas for improvement.

  • Crashes

Crashes is another critical metric that shows how often the app has crashed on iOS devices. This metric only shows a summary and can help developers identify and fix bugs in the app.

  • Active in the Last 30 Days

This metric counts the number of devices that opened the app at least once during the last 30 days. This metric only includes devices that agreed to share their usage data. By understanding how many active users the app has over a specific time period, developers can track engagement and growth.

  • Installations 

Installations is a metric that displays how often the app was installed on iOS devices. This number includes redownloads on the same devices and family-sharing installations. Downloads on multiple devices with the same Apple ID count as separate installations too.

Advanced analytics for iOS apps

To gain advanced app store metrics and deeper insights into app performance beyond App Store Connect’s App Analytics section, mobile app publishers often turn to specialized mobile app marketing tools such as MMPs, app data solutions, crash reporting tools, ASO tools, and more. The Adapty dashboard is one such tool that provides real-time subscription metrics for both iOS and Android apps. With Adapty, mobile app publishers can access a wide range of metrics, including MRR, churn rate, cancellation reasons, and more, all in one convenient dashboard. Adapty algorithms take into account subscription renewals, different currencies, timezones, refunds, and other factors, providing a 99.5% accuracy rate when compared to App Store Connect. Metrics are categorized and displayed on dedicated pages within the Adapty dashboard for easy reference.

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Subscriptions & In-App metrics entail:

  • Revenue
  • MRR
  • ARR
  • Active subscriptions
  • New subscriptions
  • Subscriptions renewal cancelled
  • Expired (Churned) subscriptions


  • Active trials
  • New trials
  • Trials renewal cancelled
  • Expired (Churned) trials


  • Grace period
  • Billing issue
  • Refund events
  • Refund money

To ensure that you stay updated with any significant fluctuations in your app’s performance and economic status and make necessary adjustments to your app monetization strategy, Adapty offers daily, weekly, or monthly reports that can be delivered to you via email or Slack.

Adapty analytics VS App Store App Analytics

  • Adapty offers a comprehensive solution to track subscription events across all platforms, including iOS, Android, and the Web, in a single place. 
  • The platform enables users to apply powerful filters to metrics, such as attribution, platform, and more, and save them for later use.
  • One of the key advantages of Adapty is that it calculates analytics on the user level, providing in-depth insights into the behavior of app audiences. This is in contrast to App Store Connect, which offers more general metrics. With Adapty, users can gain a deeper understanding of their app’s performance and tailor their strategy accordingly.

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