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App Installs and Uninstalls

App Installs and Uninstalls

Sergey Zubkov

Updated: July 27, 2023

3 min read


How to measure mobile app installs and uninstalls

App installs are a measure of the popularity and success of an app and one of the most essential metrics to keep an eye on in mobile app marketing. High install rates coupled with low uninstall rates indicate a healthy app with engaged users, while high uninstall rates could indicate problems with the app’s design, functionality, or user experience.

According to Business of Apps, around 50% of Android apps are uninstalled within the first 30 days after installation, but the uninstall rate can differ depending on the category of the app, and even within its subcategories. Understanding industry benchmarks for your app category  can help optimize your app marketing for fewer uninstalls. 

Gaming apps usually get uninstalled the most (66%) within 30 days after being downloaded because people lose interest quickly. Social, education, utilities, and finance apps also have high uninstall rates (between 45-60%). But travel apps are different because they have more loyal users who are less likely to uninstall (only 31%).

How to track app downloads

App installs tracking is initially done by app stores. While more advanced analytics to track app downloads, (such as total installs, daily installs, and geographic distribution of installs, same for uninstalls) can be acquired through various analytics tools, MMP, and third-party mobile app marketing solutions including Adapty. 

How to track app installs with Adapty

With the Adapty dashboard, you can see the real-time analytics for Android and iOS app install tracking and understand the fluctuation of app installs and uninstalls, get insights into user behavior, and drive conclusions on app conversion rates and user retention to determine areas for improvement in the app.

  1. Create an Adapty account and integrate the Adapty SDK into your app.
  2. Set up the App Store Connect and Google Play integrations to automatically track installs from their respective stores.
  3. Utilize Adapty’s analytics dashboard to view important metrics such as daily installs, total installs, and geographic distribution of installs.
  4. Use Adapty’s event tracking feature to monitor app uninstalls. You can configure an event to occur when a user deletes the app from their device and track the frequency of that event.
  5. Analyze user behavior and retention rates over time with Adapty’s cohort analysis feature.