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November updates: new integrations, adjustable tables, Adapty newsfeed, SDK 2.1.

Maya Shamray

Updated: February 23, 2023


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OneSignal and Pushwoosh integrations

We open a new chapter of Adapty integrations with two powerful messaging platforms: OneSignal and Pushwoosh. Build customized communication for various user cases, remove barriers to purchasing, retain customers, upsell, and more. For example, you can send a targeted push notification with a special offer to the user who has just canceled their subscription. To learn how to set everything up and more, please read the docs.  

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Adjustable tables

Adapty provides many metrics, but you may need to view only a few. We want data to work for you exactly the way you want it. With new tables, one can manage columns, hide, and reorder them to form a custom view according to specific targets and workflow. The configuration is saved for different users separately, so your team members may adjust data independently for various roles’ purposes.  

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Adapty newsfeed

Our backlog is formed as a result of attentive work with customer requests. We deliver product updates rather fast and want you to keep track of new cool features to start using them as soon as they appear. So we’ve launched an interactive newsfeed where you get notified about the latest updates, can rate them, and leave your feedback. Huge thanks to those who already wrote to us through this feed. Some of the requests are already live as product amendments! Please subscribe to the updates and don’t hesitate to participate. 

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SDK 2.1 

We’ve released a second major version of Adapty SDK this November. After installing the latest release, you’ll get new integrations, optimized speed, updated structure with less chance of an error. Check the full description and files on our GitHub.

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