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Adapty May Update: New Integrations, SDK & Dashboard speed increase

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This update is more technical, but still some cool features are here for you, read below for more 👇

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New Integrations

With Integrations you can forward subscription events to analytical and attributional services that you use with no code. Even if a user uninstalls the app you'll still get events about a subscriptions state.

Integrations Dashboard. Choose any to configure.

The Integration Page now looks bigger and clearer.

Inside each integration you now have a dedicated development key to test your integration on a Sandbox environment. You can also rename and turn on/off each event. The last is a high level of customization on what and when you want to send with your events. For example, send a subscription price with Trials events.

The Integration page

Scroll down and you'll find most recent events forwarded to a selected integration.

Recently forwarded events

SDK speed increased 2.6 times(!) 🚀

We've tuned something on our backend side and median API's response time increased 2.6x! You'll see paywalls are loading much faster now.

Subscription Calculator

Sometimes you may feel lost on which numbers you need to grow revenue. With Adapty Subscription Calculator it's easier than ever. Just enter your number and get a predict on what you can expect to be a profitable, healthy app.

Subscription Calculator by Adapty


  1. Analytics is now faster.
  2. Each internal page now has a dedicated title, so you won't feel lost in your tabs.
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— Adapty team ❤️

Vitaly Davydov
June 1, 2021