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March updates: App Store Server Notifications V2 and new integrations

Maya Shamray

Updated: April 14, 2023

2 min read


March 2023 updates 1

App Store Server Notifications V2

First of all, let me announce our support for App Store Server Notifications V2. This version includes various benefits over the previous one, including:

  • Improved security with JSON Web Tokens authentication.
  • Enhanced reliability with retry logic and backoff mechanisms.
  • Increased flexibility to receive notifications for specific events.

By utilizing this new system, you can receive real-time updates about user events in a way that is both secure and reliable. To set up notifications and start receiving these updates, please refer to our documentation.


Google Cloud Storage 

Adapty’s integration with Google Cloud Storage is an efficient way to store and manage data, especially if you work with large numbers of user events or plan significant growth for your application. Choosing Google Cloud Storage as a solution for a scalable, secure, and reliable way to store and retrieve data also provides you with a wide range of opportunities for integrations that can improve your operational efficiency. So now, Adapty can be a part of your advanced infrastructure to make your business stand out among the competitive apps. Follow the documentation for more details. 

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If you level up by discovering sources of growth with Airbridge, this new integration is for you. Airbridge’s privacy-first measurement suite, packed with multi-touch attribution and marketing mix modeling, can maximize your mobile growth in conjunction with Adapty through a two-way exchange of data. Send Adapty’s events to Airbridge and receive marketing attribution to enrich analytics in Adapty. To set it up, follow the documentation.

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