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Adapty February Updates: ARPPU Metric, improved attribution

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Adapty February Updates: ARPPU Metric, improved attribution
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During this February we’ve made  improvements to Adapty to help you bring you mobile products to new heights.

ARPPU Metric in A/B Tests

You can find new column in your A/B Tests Metrics – Average Revenue Per Paying User. It’s calculated as total revenue divided by unique paying users. It can be helpful in situations when you compare entirely different offers on you paywalls. We hope this metric will help you decide on winning paywall in A/B Test.

Improved attribution and integrations

We’ve rebuilt our attribution and integrations engine, covering more edge-cases. Now there is much less chance for events to get lost in a way to your integrations, such as AppsFlyer.

Content updates

New article about purchasing an app: which metrics to look at, how the deal will be done, and what you must never neglect.

You can also join our discord-community to participate in discussions about app monetization and learn something new from the experts!

Nikita Maidanov
Nikita Maidanov
March 9, 2022