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Adapty February update

Vitaly Davydov

Updated: January 25, 2023


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Winter is over! Read more about the latest (the coldest) Adapty update below.

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Cohort analysis is getting much more features

adapty cohorts
Cohort analysis is getting more power

Here’s what you can do now with Cohorts:

  1. Form cohorts (rows) by: Install month/day, Platform, Country and Product.
  2. Get a number of subscribers and ARPPU in addition to Revenue in a Cohort cell.
  3. Change view (columns) by month/week/day.
  4. Export Cohort for raw analysis (your analyst will that thank you, we bet).
  5. Full screen view! Edge-to-edge cohort view to maximize reception field.

Read the docs about Cohorts for more

Home menu

Feeling lost in Adapty? Open Home with detailed instructions on what Adapty can help you with and where to go from it.

To open Home simply click on Adapty logo in the top left corner.

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Home, sweet home. A place to kickstart integration with Adapty

Privacy for your users

Most Adapty SDKs now support opt-out of sending data to Adapty. If you don’t want to collect and send analytical events to 3rd party integration for a specific user, you can call Adapty.setExternalAnalyticsEnabled(false). Adapty will only process purchases and won’t be collecting or sending any events.

Something more

We’re sharpening existing features, here some of them:

  1. Many updates for all SDKs.
  2. European date format.
  3. Flutter SDK is published to Pub.dev.
  4. SDK and integrations are getting more data such as “Ab test name” and “Paywall name”.
  5. Visitors renamed to Views.
  6. facebookAnonymousId support. It’s not a deal breaker for iOS 14 IDFA changed, but if you use it, events will be in analytics.
  7. Interface speed improvements.

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— Adapty team ❤️

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