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Adapty December Updates: ASA attribution, app categories and icons

Adapty December Updates: ASA attribution, app categories and icons
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Welcome to 2022! We hope that this year will be huge for your app, and Adapty will help you grow your revenue :)
During the last December we’ve made a number of improvements to Adapty.

Apple Search Ads attribution for iOS 14.3+

Now you can use new Apple’s AdServices Framework to get attribution data from Apple Search Ads and analyze your metrics with campaign and keyword segmentation.

Apple Search Ads via AdServices does require some configuration in Adapty Dashboard, you can read about in in docs.

App categories and icons

Maybe you, like some of our clients, have a lot of apps? Now you can upload custom icons for each app, to speed up finding exact app in your Adapty dashboard. You can also select app category in settings, it will help us give monetisation insights in the future.

Updates in Blog

We’ve released two new Podcast episodes:
1. Andrew Skrypnyk (CEO Words Booster, Forbes 30 under 30) shared insights on product testing, MVP launch and ads budget.
2. Ilya Lesun and Anna Buldakova (Vochi, acquired by Pinterest) told us their story of founding Vochi and getting it all the way to the exit.

We also published new tutorial:
How to implement In-app purchases for Flutter apps with Adapty

Nikita Maidanov
Nikita Maidanov