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What is MRR (Monthly Recurrent Revenue)?

Unlike Revenue, MRR is a normalized, noise-reduced metric that gives you a healthy representation of your subscription business. Simply said, MRR is the revenue that is expected for the next month based on your subscribers.

How to calculate MRR?

To calculate the MRR metric, use the simple formula below:

MRR is a sum of all active subscription prices during the 1 month period conditioned to 1 month. That means when counting weekly subscriptions use the 4х multiplier and use 1/12 for the yearly ones.

Be careful to subtract refunds and not include them in MRR.

How can Adapty help?

Adapty automatically calculates MRR from raw transactions taking into account all the pain of converting currencies, durations, refunds, and more. Get all the metrics on the user level without a single line of server coding. It works for all platforms.

Realtime subscription metrics for iOS and Android