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What is a Billing Issue?

The user enters the billing issue when Apple has failed to charge them. It's a flag for you that something is wrong with charges, it can be:

  1. Outdated/wrong card
  2. Lack of money to pay for the subscription (#1 reason)
  3. Techincal issues on the bank side

If you don't have a Grace Period for your in-app subscriptions, the user will immediately lose access to the app's paid features.

How to calculate Billing Issues for Apple and Google?

Apple/Google will let you know about the billing issues via server2server notifications. Handle, store, and process them to build custom views with the billing period analytics.

It's also important to calculate both the number of the issue events and the number of users in the Billing Issue state as it'll affect your app's Revenue.

How can Adapty help?

Adapty gets the information about billing issues both on the event and the user level for your apps automatically. Just install the SDK and you're ready to go.

Realtime subscription metrics for iOS and Android