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Moonly on how to scale an app from zero to six-figure MRR

About Moonly

Moonly is a mindfulness meditation app that helps follow Moon phases. It combines traditional techniques, like the Eastern Lunar calendar and ancient runes, with cutting-edge engagement methods and user-oriented content. Today, Moonly App handles more than 1 million users, but it hasn’t always been that way.

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Scaling of in-app purchases and marketing is a challenging task

Moonly was founded by Olga and Vitaly Urban, serial entrepreneurs and experienced designers. By that time, they have already launched six mobile apps to find out that scaling of in-app purchases and marketing is a challenging task that usually requires a team of its own.

Having joined one of the first versions of Adapty, Olga and Vitaly became the early adopters and helped its developments from the very beginning.

We’ve integrated Adapty when Moonly was making zero revenue. We use it till the present day, only now we produce a five-digit MRR. Throughout this journey, Adapty was down only once for half an hour last September, when AWS crashed.

Real-time in-app analytics is one of the major things we love about Adapty

Adapty’s accuracy rate amounts for 95% of the App Store Connect. This is one of the highest numbers on the market, especially considering different currencies.

The idea for Moonly was born when Olga realised the need to share her experience on the path to finding her true self as “anyone can embark on that journey”. To achieve this goal, Moonly uses Adapty to understand everything about the subscribers who use the app–from what UX elements amplify or hamper conversions to exactly how to structure their purchase funnel.

Real-time in-app analytics is one of the major things we love about Adapty. It helps us understand our users and focus on what’s essential for them”, Olga said. “Adapty has become an integral part of our company’s DNA. Years later, I can’t imagine taking our journey again without it.

Olga Urban, co-founder

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