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Adapty January update

Vitaly Davydov

Updated: February 16, 2023


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Things you’ve been waiting since December

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A/B price testing for in-app purchases

Finally, it’s here.

price testing metrics

Core changes:

  1. Products are now editable. If you want to change or delete Adapty product, just do it.
  2. Paywall is a dedicated entity now. Configure paywall with in-app purchases and subscriptions (Adapty products) without A/B tests. Change products, order, custom JSON, and more. Paywalls have dedicated metrics as well.
  3. Custom JSON size increased to 4k chars. Feel free to reach us if you need more storage.
  4. A/B price testing metrics are available for targeted paywalls.
  5. Paywalls and A/B tests are vice-a-versa convertible to each other. To run price testing you don’t need to make a new app release.

Read more about A/B testing in our guide

Server API boost

Now it’s even easier to integrate web subscriptions and purchases with Adapty. Server API is getting more muscles. Use it for integration with Stripe, ChargeBee, and any other payment provider. We even prepared a handful of snippets and docs for you.

  1. Share purchase price and currency in a transaction.
  2. Cancel users subscription and make a refund.

Adapty Server API is useful for every mobile and web payment provider! Use it to sync subscribers and get actual subscription status.

Mobile SDK improvements

Adapty supports all SDKs: iOS, Android, React Native, Flutter and Unity. Each day we make them better and more reliable.

  1. iOS&Android: speed improvements and SDK design changes. Read more here.
  2. Android: increased stability for consumable (one-time) purchases.
  3. Flutter: manual visitor logging for paywalls. Used for price testing metrics.

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— Adapty team ❤️

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