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Adapty June Update: Podcast, Infrastructure, Fallbacks

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June was all about making Adapty faster and easier to use. We’re about to switch to a new container orchestration system that will make our feature release, CI/CD and general availability more secure. Here are selected results we’d like to share👇

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Fallback paywalls for Android and Flutter

Fallback paywalls support for Android and Flutter. Yes, now offline-mode works with all our SDKs. Even if Adapty servers will go down (highly unlikely now), your purchases will continue working. Fallbacks are just files that you hardcode into the app build. Adapty SDK will use it in case something is wrong: user doesn't have internet connection, Adapty server is down, AWS is down, Internet is down, etc.

Download paywalls in Adapty Interface

Paywalls reusing in A/B testing

Test the same paywall for different Segments without paywall duplication. Tiny thing, saves tons of nerves.

A/B testing

Blog updates

There are some cool blog posts we’ve released in June, including:

  1. Cohort Analysis for mobile subscriptions. Learn how to understand long-term profit of your app.
  2. Dark patterns on mobile paywalls. Find inspiration :) and "dont's" for your app.

We’ve made a Podcast!

Interview with Prisma labs about marketing, iOS 15, IDFA deprecation, and more. In Russian language. Prisma App used to be #1 App in the App Store. Listen on every platform:





Stay tuned for new releases!

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— Adapty team ❤️

Vitaly Davydov
July 1, 2021