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Adapty July Updates: retention and conversion charts

Kirill Potekhin

Updated: January 25, 2023


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Do you want to retain customers wisely? With the retention feature, it’s easy to inspect how the users you’ve attracted renew and become loyal. Now you can see absolute and relative numbers from period to period and understand how retention changes for various geos, products, paywalls, and marketing parameters. 

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This is a fresh, and perhaps the most awaited, feature that came out in the last days of July. Now, with Adapty, you may track conversion changes over time, check how your experiments influence the rate, make forecasts, and generate new ideas for growth.

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Sandbox documentation and more

The better the testing – the higher the quality. To prevent common difficulties with testing on Android and iOS, please, use our new Sandbox documentation for both platforms. 

Don’t forget about such useful updates as:

  • Separate OAuth tokens for the stores in Adjust integration
  • Additional fields in events export to S3: currency, profile_country, store_country
  • Product duration grouping and filtering in all charts – a handy parameter to see the impact of short-term and long-lasting subscriptions
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